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No change in speed after renewing contract and adding Speed Boost

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Just over a week ago, I reviewed various options on my broadband and decided to stick with TalkTalk for an 18 month contract, I've been with then for over 5 years, and add a Speed Boost, since at the current speed we still get occasional buffering and the Speed Boost was on offer for the duration of the contract.


The download speed section from the confirmation email on 12th March is:

Your estimated broadband speeds

Download Speeds

Maximum speed

75 Mb

Typical speed range

70 Mb to 74 Mb

Minimum guaranteed speed

65 Mb


Since it's been over a week, I decided to run some tests. Here's my results from over the past 2 and half years since I uopgraded to fibre in October 2016:








19/10/2016 12:50BST25.851.73
19/10/2016 12:52BST31.941.86
19/10/2016 20:24BST34.241.82
20/10/2016 07:22BST37.411.91
23/10/2016 18:32BST37.051.78
03/11/2016 07:44GMT37.391.85
19/07/2017 06:42BST37.649.41
19/07/2017 06:44BST37.609.47
07/04/2018 10:09BST37.257.73
20/03/2019 00:38GMT37.379.41
20/03/2019 00:42GMT36.999.29
20/03/2019 00:57GMT37.439.34
20/03/2019 07:46GMT34.388.28
20/03/2019 23:09GMT37.058.77


As you can see, my current speed is very little different from previous speeds over the past 29 months. I tested various speed test sites, including TalkTalk's own, and the results were all similar to those recorded by SpeedTest.Net.


The conclusion is that the Speed Boost is not having any effect at the moment.


If I check the DSL Connection Status on the router's management interface, it shows the following:

Line Quality 

Upstream line rate (kbit/s😞


Downstream line rate (kbit/s😞


Upstream noise safety coefficient (dB😞


Downstream noise safety coefficient (dB😞


Upstream interleave depth:


Downstream interleave depth:


Line standard:


Upstream line attenuation (dB😞


Downstream line attenuation (dB😞


Upstream output power (dBm😞


Downstream output power (dBm😞


Channel type:



For completeness, the router System Information is:

Product type:HG633
Hardware version:H.1.01
Software version:V2.00t


The router is, and always has been, connected to the master socket and I've noticed no problems with the speed for some time so have no reason to believe that there is a problem with the quality of the phone cable. The only landline phone connected has a microfilter attached and has never noticeably interfered with the broadband performance. Basically, nothing has been changed for years.


I've tried powering the router off (twice) and also issued a reboot from management interface. The Download Line Rate was 39806 kbit/s before I tried this and, as shown, has returned to exactly this value. To achieve the promised minimum, I estimate it needs to be around 70000 kbit/s and to reach the maximum would need to reach 80000 kbit/s, i.e. about double what it is now.


I'd be happy with my current speed if I hadn't opted to pay for a Speed Boost, so my question is simply when can I expect to see any improvement in speed?


I've yet to see any noticeably variation in speed and I would have expected the line stabilisation, referred to in an online chat I had with TalkTalk support on the 17th, to have shown some effect by now and caused the downstream line rate to vary in some way, hopefully upwards.


If there's any technical detail I've omitted which is needed to resolve this, please let me know.






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Hi StarNamer,


I'm sorry for the delay and thanks for the update.





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I turned the router off from 4:50am to 6:40am an now the downstream line rate is 73716 kbit/s and measures a download speed of around 67 Mbps.


So the router obviously needed 30 minutes off to clear the session. I'm surprised there isn't some command to do this without needing to lose internet access for a significant interval.


Anyway it seems sorted. Thanks to all who responded to my question.


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The downstream line rate has now gone up to 63843 kbit/s and the upstream has changed from 9999 kbit/s to 19999 kbit/s, but, and the TalkTalk speed test all agree that my download speed is still about 37Mbps. The upload speed has gone up from about 9Mbps to around 18Mbps, so that's noticed the change.


How do I get the download speed to adapt to the fact the the downstream line rate has nearly doubled?


Update: I tried restarting DSL on the router and the figures changed to Upstream line rate 19999 kbits/s, Downstream line rate 73952 kbits/s, Maximum upstream rate 25452 kbit/s, Maximum downstream rate 102356 kbit/s, but still no change to the measured download speed.


FYI, I checked that there was no significant activity on anything else and also ran the download test from 3 different PCs with the same result. My conclusion is it's something to do with the router or the line.


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My Account now shows I have a pending order for Faster Fibre with a go live date of 25/03, but if I click on the link the order tracker says "You don't have any open orders to track right now"!


So, still no change. I hope I don't get charged for Speed Boost for this month since I obviously haven't had it!


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My Account now shows I have a pending order for Faster Fibre with a go live date of 23/03, but if I click on the link the order tracker says "You don't have any open orders to track right now"!


Go figure. I'll wait and see if anything changes over the weekend!


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I checked My Account, couldn't see anything, and decided to have another Live Chat. Despite the fact that someone checked last week and told me to wait as it could take about 10 days for the speed boost to take effect, it turns out that the Speed Boost had not been added to my account. After a chat session lasting over and hour and a half, they were finally able to add it at the rate which was quoted in my original email.


It hasn't currently shown up in My Account - nothing new under boost - so I'll now have to wait and see if it does and if it actually works!


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This morning, at 8:45, after about 26 hours uptime, I rebooted the router and it resynced with a download line rate of 39806 kbit/s. No change. How long does it need before it starts trying higher speeds?


Where do I check if Speed Boost is switched on? I assumed it should be since it's now 11 days since I got the confirmation email stating my mininum speed should be 65 Mbps. My contract end date shows as 13th September 2020 so the current contract started 13th March 2019.


In the email dated 12th March, it itemizes Faster Fibre and Fibre Speed Boost and then gives a Monthly Total. 


One the My Account page, all it says under Package Details for broadband is "Faster Fibre Unlimited, uncapped speeds". It then mentions the SuperSafe boost (F-Secure), which I currently haven't installed anywhere so haven't decided how it compares with other offers.


I assume the "uncapped speeds" should mean the line will sync at the fastest speed possible, i.e. the speed boost is on. I can't compare with what it said on my previous package, but assume the speed was capped at about 35 Mbs, otherwise it wouldn't now mention the "uncapped".


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Hi StarNamer


Is the fibre speed boost showing active in My Account?





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I happened to get up in the night so switched the router off from 3:30am to 6:45am.


It synced with a download line rate of 39806 kbit/s! confirms 37Mb/s download speed.


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Hi StarNamer


Please can you power down your router for a full 30 minutes and then run a speed test following this?





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My first reaction was "where was I supposed to have come up with the idea to try that?" (except here). It wasn't mentioned in the order confirmation and I haven't received any other communication. I expect my internet connection to be up 24/7 and wouldn't normally switch it off except when there's a power problem.


My second thought was that with over a dozen smart devices as well as a couple of smart TVs, two phones and several PCs, that it would be inconvenient to do this at most times I was in the house. Why couldn't TalkTalk just reset the session remotely by arrangement, e.g. at 3am one morning? It would have to be by arrangement as I am often on call and there are overnight batch jobs which may need fixing at any time, even 3am - which is another reason I expect the internet to be available 24/7!


In any event, I turned the router off for about 30 minutes between 7:30am and slightly after 8am this morning.


I was not surprised, on checking the router, to find the Download Line Rate is 39806 kbits/s, exactly as before! How long do I now have to wait to see if anything's changed?


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Have you turned off your router for a full 30 minutes since you added the boost ?


That will force a new connection session and hopefully activate the boost.