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No internet connection

First Timer
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So, unfortunately, I've had to cancel my contract with TalkTalk and it will be ending in March. This is due to intermittent internet and being without internet entirely for the past 3 days. I've explained that I can't get any time off work for engineers to come out and look at it. This has been done in the past but problems keep arising. 


Anyway, I've cancelled my contract but I'm now just waiting for my new provider to deliver their router etc. and the new contract to commence. Until then, though, I'm completely without internet. Can anyone assist me with trying to fix this current router as it'll be around 2 weeks until the new contract starts.


To summarise, my Openreach router is displaying solid green lights for LAN and POWER and no lights at all for DSL and INTERNET. The TalkTalk hub is displaying a solid orange light. I can connect to the router on my laptop/phone but there is no internet. I've tried turning off both the router and hub for 20 minutes and even replaced the wires for everything multiple times but nothing seems to help. 


Any assistance would be great. Thank you 🙂


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Hi admharbr,


Apologies for any inconvenience, sorry to hear that you've decided to leave


Your router appears to be connected at the moment, how has it been since your last post?



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If you have a filtered faceplate, with outlets for ADSL and Phone, have you tried removing the faceplate and connecting directly to the test socket ?


Phone goes in directly, does it work ?


Broadband needs a microfilter into test socket.


It could be that your line is completely disconnected if the phone does not work.


Where does the line come into your home ?


Does it look intact ?


If your new supplier takes over a faulty line, you may have to bite the bullet and take time off for an engineer visit.


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I had a new one sent about 3 days ago. I tried that and it initially didn’t work. Same issue as before. I called TalkTalk and they ran some tests and it started to work but the next day I was back to square one.

I guess I’m just going to have to put up with no internet. I can’t afford the time off for an engineer so i’m a bit stuck

Whizz Kid
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I had a similar problems turned out the router was faulty, can u test with another one?