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No internet connection

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I have constantly been trying to get internet into our home. Since changing to #fibre65 I’ve had no end of problems an have had no access to streaming tv or internet connection. I paid for Now entertainment and movies and have not been able to watch for two weeks.   I have been sent a new tv box - made no difference. I have had an engineer come yesterday put a new router in and still no connection. Everything he did said we had connection to the house but he could see it was not working. He left saying it was something that had happened when I changed to fibre65 and it looked like we were in a walled garden. He said he would arrange someone to call,  I then did not get a call back and contacted chat line and the man said I had the wrong router and needed a WiFi hub which he said I would receive today. Promising that it would solve our problems. As I thought nothing arrived and my account shows no orders. I am beyond fed up now and am sick to death with being lied to. How do I speak to someone in charge to get this sorted or end my contract with talk talk  as my wife needs internet to work from home. 


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I'm sorry to hear this. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault. Just to confirm, have you now been able to connect since your last post?