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No internet for over a week, nothing but lies from TalkTalk

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Great news. We're upgrading you to a faster broadband service, on us. You don't need to do anything. We've sent an email with more details.
Your TalkTalk Team.”


That is the text I had from TalkTalk on Monday 17th May, followed by an email telling me what a loyal customer I am and how wonderful my upgrade was going to be…..


I have now been without an internet service for over a week and have spent hours on the phone to TalkTalk.  I have heard the same old lies and platitudes over and over again, and I still have absolutely no clue when/if I will have a working connection again.  

Not only that, but they persist in referring to the situation as my “order” (I didn’t order anything!), and they send me text messages containing links to websites, oblivious of the fact that, thanks to TalkTalk, I don’t have an internet service! 😡


To add insult to injury, I was today told by one of the tech guys that the fault must be in my home (there was no “fault” before TalkTalk took the unilateral decision to “upgrade” my service) and offering to send an engineer at my expense.  I sent him away with a flea in his ear.


I have now lodged a formal complaint and am expecting a phone call from Talk Talk tomorrow afternoon.  If it’s anything like their supposed “service”, it will not materialise.  If I do get to talk to anyone who doesn’t just read from a script, I will be wanting compensation for the inconvenience of no internet for over a week, and to cancel my contract with immediate effect and at no cost to me.  I’ll also want back the £7.99 I’ve paid in desperation for 24 hours connected to an unsecured BT hotspot (hence my temporary ability to vent my spleen on this forum), and any other costs incurred while my contract is live and they are failing to provide a service.







Christine Perry

Community Star
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I've re-escalated your other thread re the Home Move etc, @auntiechrissie1 and moved the duplicate out of the way.


Please don't post multiple threads for the same issue.


Staff simply don't reply at weekends.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I have been given a home moving date and have tried to start the Home Move process.  Unfortunately, and despite weeks of wrangling over an order I never wanted, which caused a loss of internet service for more than two weeks, and which has supposedly now been cancelled, inefficient Talk Talk is still showing the order as pending on my Account.  I need this order removed from my account as soon as possible so that I can start the Home Move process.   Can you please assist?  I am so tired of having to chase Talk Talk for everything.

Christine Perry

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Given that this upgrade should have been cancelled at the time of the original posts (which concluded on 11th June), why is the cancellation only completing today (1st July), and why have you and BT Open Reach continued to send me messages implying that the upgrade is still taking place?  Is it happening or isn't it?  Does Talk Talk take some kind of perverse pleasure in confusing and upsetting its customers?

Christine Perry

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Hi @@auntiechrissie1


Thank you for completing security. 


From what I can see there is a request to stop the order being processed which should complete today. so there will be no disruption to your current service




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Hi @auntiechrissie1


I can help I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




Team Player
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OK, I’m reopening this post because, in spite of everything that happened previously (see above if you have an hour to spare), TalkTalk has once again decided to impose an upgrade on me whether I have asked for it or not.


Last time I lost my internet connection for over two weeks and went crazy trying to get any sense out of TalkTalk.  This time around I’m hoping that they have done their homework and are 100% sure that the upgrade will go live on 2nd July (the date given to me by BT Open Reach today, which came as a shock because I didn’t even know that TalkTalk had reordered the upgrade after I cancelled it).


If I lose my internet connection again, I will be cancelling my Direct Debit to Talk Talk and they can take me to court for breach of contract.  I have plenty of evidence regarding the appalling service I have received, for the courts and/or Ofcom, and I’m just in the mood to use it. 😡

Christine Perry

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yes keep a stiff upper lip we need it in these dire times 🙂

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Thanks again, bigkenny.  For some reason the Titanic keeps popping into my head....

Christine Perry

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You have two choices


It’s either Cape Horn and sounds like stormy seas ahead so you either battle through and Batten Down the Hatches, Full Steam Ahead & Brace for Impact or go for an easier route and go for Cape of Good Hope  


I wish you Gods speed sir!

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So, today's update:


1) Despite giving me a window of 16:00 to 18:00 to receive a phone call from them, Talk Talk once again phoned 30 minutes early.  When I challenged this and asked why they persisted in ignoring their own arrangements, I was told that they were ringing at 15:30 because there might be technical problems later that would prevent them from ringing between the agreed times.  What a crock of c**p.  Do they really have so little faith in their own technology that they can't stick to what they have agreed?  Or do they just ring early in the hope of avoiding the customer (again)?


2) The very nice and apologetic customer services/complaints department agent (I'm not entirely sure what she was, but I wouldn't have her job for all the tea in China) got off on the wrong foot with me by saying "So, I understand that you ordered fibre optic service, it didn't work, and then you cancelled it." 


Me:  "No, YOU ordered the fibre optic service, I played no part in the order.  Don't you have a record of what has been going on for over two weeks?"  


Talk Talk:  "No, I'm very sorry, I haven't been given that information."


So basically, somebody from Talk Talk ringing me specifically to address a complaint did not have the correct information at her fingertips.  This kind of sums up Talk Talk's approach to customer service.  It stinks.


Anyway, to cut a very long story short, I now have a working service (thank you again, BT Openreach), I'm getting a month's free internet (woohoo ☹️), and the complaint has now been closed.  This doesn't mean I'm happy and everything is smiles and sunshine, I'm just worn out with it all.


The best thing to come out of this is that the Talk Talk agent said that she thought it would be a good idea going forward if Talk Talk checked out the viability of upgrades before imposing them on their customers.  As I said to her, it was the first sensible suggestion I've had from any Talk Talk employee and entirely mirrored what I had intended to say myself.


The worst part is, I'm hoping to move home within the next couple of months (but don't have a date yet), so I've either got to engage in more tortuous contact with TalkTalk or I just cancel the b****y contract and have to pay Talk Talk for the privilege of leaving them.  I haven't decided what to do yet - watch this space.

Christine Perry

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Supposed to be ringing between 16:00 and 18:00 today.  Not sure what for, they've been as much use as a chocolate teapot so far.

Christine Perry

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Thanks for the update. Did our Complaints Team arrange to call you back again?





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Cheers, bigkenny!

Christine Perry

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Good luck bud and happy hunting withn the compo` claim!

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The BT Engineer arrived today, having kindly rung me 10 minutes in advance of his arrival.  I explained to him that following Talk Talk's decision to upgrade my internet service, I had had no internet service at all for more than two weeks.  "Oh", he replied, "but they've booked this visit as being for a problem with the phone line, not with the broadband".  Why didn't it surprise me that Talk Talk couldn't even arrange an engineer's visit correctly?  The words p**s-up and brewery spring to mind.


Fortunately the BT engineer (Aaron) was a) professional and b) intelligent.  Having ascertained that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my phone line (surprise!!), he then told me that he would try to check the fault back to the green box and/or the exchange, and if he was unable to trace it he would phone Talk Talk on my behalf to see if the situation could be resolved today.  Good luck with the last option, I thought.


Less than two hours later he rang to say that he had found the fault (apparently I was still wired up for the upgrade to Fibre35, despite the fact that I had told Talk Talk to cancel it - and they assured me that they had.)  Two hours as opposed to more than two weeks of going round in circles with Talk Talk.


So thank you, Aaron from BT Openreach, for restoring my internet and (some of) my faith in humans. 


Talk Talk, I look forward to a) receiving some compensation for this farce, and b) cancelling my contract with Talk Talk as soon as I can.

Christine Perry

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I'm glad to hear that Ryan has picked this up for you and I'm sure he will complete all agreed tasks for you.





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Unfortunately the Talk Talk Complaints Department decided to phone 30 mins earlier than the two-hour slot they gave me, so I missed their call. 😡😡 It didn’t surprise me, this whole experience has shown me what a crap company Talk Talk is, and how unimportant their customers are to them.


I had to ring them myself (again) and insist on speaking to the Complaints Department, who were just as apologetic and useless as usual and ended up transferring me (again) to the Technical Department.  And again I went through all the checks on the line etc (all of which had been working just fine until Talk Talk decided to “upgrade” my service).  On a positive note, the technician I spoke to (Ryan in Manchester) was a) human and b) very understanding (the one I spoke to last week was like a machine), so I did at least feel “heard” and not just fobbed off.  He was able to confirm that the upgrade has been cancelled at no charge to me (this had better be correct), but unfortunately I still need a visit from a BT engineer to find out what Talk Talk has managed to *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* up for me.  I really hope Talk Talk doesn’t attempt to charge me for the engineer’s visit, which has only been necessitated by their incompetence in the first place.  Am I optimistic about getting this matter resolved?  Hell, no.

Ryan assured me that he has documented absolutely everything about our very long conversation today, so hopefully the next Talk Talk employee I am forced to contact won’t have to ask me the same questions I’ve been answering for almost two weeks.

Rest assured, I will not be renewing my contract with Talk Talk.  In fact, I’d leave right now if I could (but of course, I already know that Talk Talk would have the nerve to charge me for leaving early, and I’m not giving them a penny more than I have to).



Christine Perry

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I'm really sorry to hear this. If you don't hear anymore from our Complaints Team by Monday then please let us know and we can chase this for you.





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Well surprise, surprise, there I am, sitting at home waiting for the call from TalkTalk, when suddenly a text arrives:


TalkTalk Update: We will contact you about your complaint on 07/06/2021 between 14:00-16:00. If you wish to change or cancel this please call 0345 172 0088


My custom is so important to the Complaints Department at TalkTalk that they have made a (unilateral, again) decision not to talk to me today but to postpone it until next week.  

So I rang them, and after another soul-sapping discussion, first with a customer services agent and then with the Complaints Department (yes, I hunted them down), I am left with the following situation:


1). My upgrade issue (please don’t keep calling it my “order”) will be considered (for the fourth time) by BT Open Reach tomorrow.  Not resolved, mind you, just considered.


2) If I don’t want to go ahead with my “order” 😡 I can cancel it.  This is something I asked about at the start of all this nine days ago, and I was told it couldn’t be done.  (Lies, or just incompetence?).  


Unfortunately it will take 48 hours for TalkTalk to “process” cancellation of the order THEY started in the first place, so nothing technical will begin to happen until Monday 7th June.  Thanks for nothing.


3). OK TalkTalk,  so you can’t provide the service I’m paying for, as a result of your own actions, so why don’t we just call it quits and let me cancel my contract and go elsewhere?  Well, you can do that, Dear Valued Customer, but we’d have to charge you for the privilege of leaving.  Apparently you have to go 28 days without a service before you have the right to cancel without penalty.  Again, thanks for nothing.


4). So, I know that TalkTalk will compensate me financially for the lost service days (small comfort, frankly), but what about the more expensive ad-hoc services (hotspots and 4G) I am being forced to use?  Will you give me any compensation for that, even partial?  Oh no, Dear Valued Customer, the amount you have to pay to obtain a replacement for the service we are failing to provide is entirely your own problem. 😡


At this point I’d had more than enough of talking to TalkTalk, so I said my goodbyes and hung up.  I still have no service, I want to cancel the unwanted upgrade so I will have no service for at least another three days (and probably longer, unless they can find a competent technician) and nobody at TalkTalk gives a monkey’s.


I’m now waiting to see if they try to charge me for cancelling the upgrade I never asked for.  I had a verbal agreement today that they won’t (and presumably the conversation was recorded by TalkTalk), but I wouldn’t trust them any further than I could throw them


Thus concludes diatribe number two, which will serve as MY record of events.



Christine Perry

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I'm really sorry to hear this. I can see from your first post that you've advised that they will be contacting you today. Please let us know how you get on.