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No internet for over a week, nothing but lies from TalkTalk

Team Player
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Great news. We're upgrading you to a faster broadband service, on us. You don't need to do anything. We've sent an email with more details.
Your TalkTalk Team.”


That is the text I had from TalkTalk on Monday 17th May, followed by an email telling me what a loyal customer I am and how wonderful my upgrade was going to be…..


I have now been without an internet service for over a week and have spent hours on the phone to TalkTalk.  I have heard the same old lies and platitudes over and over again, and I still have absolutely no clue when/if I will have a working connection again.  

Not only that, but they persist in referring to the situation as my “order” (I didn’t order anything!), and they send me text messages containing links to websites, oblivious of the fact that, thanks to TalkTalk, I don’t have an internet service! 😡


To add insult to injury, I was today told by one of the tech guys that the fault must be in my home (there was no “fault” before TalkTalk took the unilateral decision to “upgrade” my service) and offering to send an engineer at my expense.  I sent him away with a flea in his ear.


I have now lodged a formal complaint and am expecting a phone call from Talk Talk tomorrow afternoon.  If it’s anything like their supposed “service”, it will not materialise.  If I do get to talk to anyone who doesn’t just read from a script, I will be wanting compensation for the inconvenience of no internet for over a week, and to cancel my contract with immediate effect and at no cost to me.  I’ll also want back the £7.99 I’ve paid in desperation for 24 hours connected to an unsecured BT hotspot (hence my temporary ability to vent my spleen on this forum), and any other costs incurred while my contract is live and they are failing to provide a service.







Christine Perry

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Hi Martin

Thanks so much for responding.


1) Yes, I believe so.

2) Sagemcom Fast 5364 Router and WiFi hub

3) Yes and yes!




Christine Perry

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Are TT upgrading you from ADSL to Fibre 35 ?


What router do you have, exact make and model ?


Is you phone line still working and does dialing 17070 get the correct number read back ?