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No service for more than 2 weeks

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2 weeks ago on a Monday I noticed that we didn't have any internet connection. After following the home setup diagnostic multiple times I decided to contact TalkTalk via live chat. On live chat they ran me through several diagnostics which took around 1 and half hours to complete. It ended with them diagnosing that the fault was related to openreach and that an engineer was already on the way and that I would get contacted when they are finished.


Sure enough I got an email telling me that the openreach engineer had fixed the fault. After rebooting my router several times and checking my home setup I could still not connect to the internet. Again I contacted live chat. Again they ran me through 2 hours of diagnostics. This time these diagnostics ended with them asking me to turn off the router for 20 mins and turn it back on after the 20 mins was up. They assured me that a note had been made on my account so that when I contacted them the next day I would not have to repeat this same test. I then contacted live chat expecting that they would read the note and not require me to run through these diagnostics again. The agent still wanted to run me through the same script that I had the day before even after telling them multiple times that I did this the day before and had performed all of these things since then. At the end of this talk I was assured that the problem had been escalated to a manager who would contact me in 3 days.


3 days had come and gone, so I contacted TalkTalk over the phone to ask what was going on. They seemed to have no idea about the issue and would send out an engineer in the next two days. If the engineer finds the fault to be talktalks they would reimburse me the money since my outage (I had already paid my months bill at this point).


The engineer comes and guess what. It's been a problem with the openreach line all along and that the recent works on it may have just left me off the grid. The engineer leaves and tells me that TalkTalk should contact me soon about sending an openreach engineer out. The only contact I get is an email asking me if I'm still having problems with my service and that I should check my home setup.


That brings us to today. Still no contact from TalkTalk or openreach. I will give them a phone call later but unfortunately I'm busy most days of the week as I'm working part time and I'm in my third year of university. Not having internet connection for 2 weeks has been absolutely abysmal as most of my work is done remotely.


--- Update ---


The openreach engineer visited today and diagnosed that the problem was due to an internal wiring fault in the switch box. TalkTalk emailed me saying that the issue should be fixed but no information regarding when/how I'll be reimbursed. I have been without internet now for almost 3 weeks, so most of my billed period. I would really like to just get past this. It's been really stressful and a big investment of my time, time which has been in quite short supply recently.


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Just started a thread. Do you think you could check it out


Support Team
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Now the engineer has completed the visit, please start a thread in our billing section and we can look at this aspect for you.





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Hi andygello555


Thanks for your reply.


I'm just sending you a Private Message to confirm some details so we can arrange the engineer visit.






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No but the TalkTalk engineer tested a new router as well as a new microfilter and installed a new socket


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Hi andygello555


Thank you. Can I just check, did we also send out a new router for testing?


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Support Team
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Hi andygello555


I'm sorry to hear this.


Please can you add your name and TalkTalk landline number to your Community Profile, we can then look into this further.