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Not getting guaranteed speed since upgrade

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I'm on Faster Fibre and I'm paying for the extra Fibre Speed Boost but not getting the benefit. The upgrade was in June I think and I've been checking the speed occasionally since then. As shown below the guaranteed speed is 58Mb but I'm getting 45Mb to the router and I don't remember it ever being any faster than 45Mb. The connection occasionally drops as well, which it didn't used to do.

Can I get the service downgraded to remove the Speed Boost at no financial penalty (I think it was a special offer with a reduced rate for a fixed term.) Prior to the upgrade, I think I was getting 38Mb-40Mb reliably with no drop outs that I remember so I'd rather not pay extra for a flacky service with minimal speed benefits.

Screenshot 2021-01-03 210457.jpg