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I am 80 years old pensioner. I was overcharged last bill. I contacted, they said they will refund on next  bill. I have not received refund and this month bill is higher. my package was £29, 45. they are charging me £52+  they text me telling they will phone me to sort it. they did not, but text to phone me two weeks later. I log in but itemized bill is blank. I only have basic pension. I get fixed package to budget, I can not do this if talk talk steal money legally under false pretense.. 

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Support Team
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Hi ferry 


Really sorry that you are unhappy.


Ive checked your bill and he increase is down to call charges, you used to have the unlimited calls boost, however this was removed in August meaning that all calls are now chargeable. 


In realtion to My Account, please disable and ad-blockers in your chosen browser and the problem should be solved. Alternatively use a different browser




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@ferry, we replied to your other post, here:


It's imperative that you follow the instructions for completing your community forum profile details, as without this, staff can't identify your account. 


If they can't identify your account, they can't check what has been happening in there, and can't even identify you.


It's very important. 


Don't post any personal information on the threads. Please just follow the instructions we gave you. Possibly ask a friend or neighbour to help, if it's difficult to follow by yourself?


The avatar is the little face, top right, when you are signed in. You are managing to sign in fine.


It's the settings area that you need to go to, after clicking on the face or your own name. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.