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Offer for Fibre35 for existing customers

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Currently have a Faster Fibre account with unlimited landline and mobile calls at a cost of £14.00, which gives a current monthly bill of £43.50.

The Fibre35 offer is for £26.00 per month with Unlimited UK landline and mobile calls and Receive an Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) with an Amazon Smart Plug combo (RRP £74.98

While trying to take up this offer, because we already pay £14.00 per month for unlimited calls, we continue to be expected to pay it as a transferred boost. This takes the new bill up to £44.00.

Is this another "taking existing customer for granted" or is it a mistake in the processing system?

As pensioners in their 70s, my wife and I do look for ways to save money as we are on a fixed restricted income.

Have tried to telephone for assistance on this matter but TT lines that deal with accounts are currently shut down "due to Covid" the message says.

Advice and help would be appreciated.


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I had the same issue. I saw in offers and upgrades in My account a Fibre 35 bundle with unlimited UK calls and some Amazons bit and pieces for £26 pm for 18 months. When I selected the renew contract button £14 was added to the basket making the total £40 pm, which is more than I was already paying so I didn't proceed. I rang customer services who said the Loyalty teams comms were down but he would help. He said I could have the £26 for Fibre 35, but the call boost was extra at half price of £7. I also pointed out the offer said the calls should be included free, and he eventually said because I was a loyal customer he would allow me to have the calls for free. So I now have Fibre 35 with unlimited calls included for 18 months. There was no mention of the Amazon bits being included, but I wasn't that bothered about them anyway. It took me 30 minutes on the phone.


For an offer that should have been easy to select in My account, I had to join the already busy phone lines to get the offer. It seems TalkTalk need to make more effort to ensure their software processes these offers in customers accounts correctly, then customers wouldn't have to ring up to sort things out. Also, the call centres need to be made fully aware of what TalkTalk are offering existing customers. I suspect they are tying themselves in knots trying to make sense of multiple offers.


I was made to feel like I was ringing to negotiate a better deal, when it was TalkTalk who had made the offer to me in the first place. I wonder how many other customers wanted the offer but decided it was too much trouble to phone or chat to get it.


So to sum up, I now am happy with what I have, but TalkTalk management need to act on my and Gordon1946 comments to stop this problem occurring in the future.

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Still do not know why offer was not made available.


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Thank you for your concern.

I did not get the offer as described in the Offers to Existing Customers. I have not got the Echo Dot part of the offer.

I spoke to Loyalty Dept but got nowhere. I was told that the phones part still had to be paid for despite my insistance that the offer said it was free. I was told that was not what they were able to offer. After long unsatisfactory call I was told i needed to ring Customer Services as they may be able to give me the offer.

After a long wait I eventually got through to Customer Services and basically was told the same thing. I was asked to consider relooking at the account to see what they could do. By this time I was getting a bit frustrated and asked to speak to a supervisor. 

I was put through to someone who I now know as Tyler who it so happens was in Loyalty Dept.

Even he did not accept the terms of the offer, but through implimenting discounts for the 18months brought the monthly sum to almost what was on offer plus my TT TV. £30.95 instead of £30.00 i would have paid on the offer.

This all took up 2hrs 25mins.

Not the type of service I would have expected for a customer who had been with TT since 2009


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Hi Gordon1946 


Did you manage to get through, the loyalty team will try give you the best deal.  




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Phone lines are open till 7pm, @Gordon1946.


03451 720046.


Speak to the LOYALTY team.  They will need to remove and re-add the Anytime calls boost to apply it to the new contract inclusively.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.