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Orange and white flashing lights, no Internet

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Last week my router suddenly stopped working and I have no Internet. The lights flash orange and white constantly. I have had a talktalk engineer visit, who could not find the problem. I've also had a BT openreach engineer test the line he said he was getting 40mb with his machine. I've had a new router posted to me, this is doing the same thing and flashing orange and white. I don't understand what the issue could be? 


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Hi Danman809


Our Network Team have asked if you can complete the below testing again please?


 Connect the router at the test socket, then connect just one device at a time and let us know if you still experience this fault?


If you have tested with a different router at the test socket then we would need to arrange another engineer visit.






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Hi Danman809


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I've contacted our Network Team in regards to this fault and I will post back on this thread as soon as I receive further information.






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That is a strange one !, as a flashing amber/white light indicates your router is not able to physically sync with the equipment in the street cabinet. If the issue was with authenticating onto the TalkTalk network then you would really expect the router to sync ok, but you would then get a solid amber light if it was synced but could not log into the TalkTalk network. Hopefully the staff here on the community will be able to help you get this resolved soon.

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Ye ive already tried this many times, they get me to do this every time I phone. I dont understand what the problem is then if that resets the session. It must be something from talktalks servers possibly that seems to be the only thing they won't/aren't able to check.

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Have all of the replacement routers given you the same issue (flashing amber/white light) ?.

Have you tried leaving the router switched off for over 30 minutes, this will ensure the street cabinet forgets your 'session' and would give you a new session when you switch it back on. Quite honestly I would not expect this to fix it if you are getting a flashing amber/white light, but can't hurt to try !

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Hi, I've still not had any luck. I've been sent a 3rd router to try and still not working. I believe it to be an issue with talktalks servers as the BT openreach engineer said that the line was fine. He mentioned a 'session' that may have been disconnected during planned maintenance as my Internet went down after planned maintenance. I have tried to explain this over the phone but do not seem to be getting anywhere. If 3 routers are not working then the problem is probably not the router. Just not sure what to as the problem is not getting resolved. I will have to go to Ofcom or other regulatory bodies if I can't get this resolved soon. Just don't feel like I'm being listened to and keep getting the same advice of turning the router on and off over and over again. 


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Hi Dan,


I'm really sorry for the delay and to hear this. How are you getting on since your last post?




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Yes I have tried all of this. The BT engineer even replaced the master socket. But still no luck.

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Hi @Danman809,


Have you used the new Microfilter (if required) and cable that was provided with the new router, have you tried connecting directly to the test socket if you have one.