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Our Router wont turn on.

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This has been very tedious people I hope we are able to get help. 


Our router died and we cant seem to get power back to it even after trying another identical power lead. It's been off now for over a week and after we rang talk talk they arranged an engineer to come out yesterday between 0900-1200 (who never showed up) we sat in all day waiting and wasted our day... 


Also as a improvement point for this forum.

I find out how to create a new topic and this forum isnt very early to navigate thus not very helpful in my opinion, the fact I have to log in to talk talk then again log in to talk talk forum. Cant we just log in once?  Its took me from my first comment on someone else's topic till today (4 days or so) to find out how to post this quiry... 


We actually were leaving talk talk and it was the detentions team who persuaded us to stay. Starting to feel like this was a bad choice.


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Hi Chris,


I've ordered the router, it should be with you within a couple of days but please allow up to 5 working days for delivery 



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Yes please Debbie this would be very much appreciated.


Do you require any info from my self?




Support Team
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Hi Corkyuk2003


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I can send you a replacement router, would you like me to arrange this?





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@Corkyuk2003, the three dots upper right of your message give you the option of editing it. Give the screen time to settle for a moment.  Make changes  / add to your earlier information if need be and then click post in the usual way. 


The forum is run separately from the main Talktalk website, and it probably is more secure if you have a separate password for it from your My Account password. 


Glad you reached my reply to your earlier post and have found your way to creating your thread. The forum guidelines can be found here:


Staff will reply about the router from Monday. 


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Apologies for the few spelling mistakes, should have read over it before posting.