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Package renewal - incorrect TalkTalk Tv added?

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Hello please could you help me.


I renewed my TalkTalk contract last Thursday (26/08/21) to include Fibre 65 and Telephone only. A condition of my renewal was that that my TalkTalk Tv service be removed.


Your live chat representative 'lethiwe' assured me that this would be actioned and that a returns bag for the Tv box would be sent to my home address.


My services dashboard is showing that my package is now Fibre 65 plus Tv, which was not agreed.


I have a copy of the chat transcript which assured me that the TalkTalk tv service would be removed, the Tv box could be returned free of charge with no early termination fees, and the new contract would be for broadband and phone only.


Please could you advise on the breakdown of this renewal as failure to remove the Tv service will force me to cancel the renewal under the 20 days agreement.


Thank you.


Support Team
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Hi MarkAT


I have checked the account and the TV service was removed on the 26th by the advisor. 


My Account will always show the TV button , this is incase that you want to add TV in the future, your bill will show the full breakdown of your package, to confirm it is Fibre 65, no TV.




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All packages include TV as standard, if you want to access any of the services then there is an additional TV fee of £4 a month, this is optional. Check back with customer services that this has not been added.