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Pening Fibre 35

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I have Fast Broadband package currently with Talktlak have done so for past couple of years or so.

I am on an ADSL2 type setup. All fine working well.


Recently i got sent a new router hub from TalkTalk and an email saying that improvements to the Broadband were going to be competed soon.

I have setup the new router hub and now connect to internet fine with that.


Looking at My account i can see have pending Fibre 35 go live date.

Do i need to do anything internally in my own house to prepare for this.


I have an old master socket plate one slot type, probably fitted when internet first came into existence around 2000.


That works fine with my current ADSL2 type setup.

But with this pending new upgrade to VDSL type connection will the master socket plate support VDSL.

Do i need to buy a new Master socket plate. if so what type and who would fit it.


Reason i as, is that couple of years ago i tried buying a TalkTalk Fibre package and that did not work, I could not connect to the internet. Something within my setup infrastructure prevented me getting connected to the internet. I was without internet for 2 week and eventually managed to get put back onto my Fast Broadband package i as originally had.


Will this Fibre35 encounter the same problem? Hence i ask now to try and prepare in time for the go live date towards end August.






Support Team
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Please let us know if you need any assistance 🙂





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The new HUB works on both ADSL and VDSL (Fibre).


You do not need to do anything with your master socket, just use the new microfilter supplied with the HUB.


You can use the HUB and microfilter now and on changeover day it should connect automatically once the external work has been completed.


On that day, do check that your phone still works and dialing 17070 gets a readback of the correct number, mistakes are rare but not unknown.


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Hi @John248 the only thing you should need to do is replace your old router with the new one before the switch occurs.  This is because it is likely your current router does not support VDSL, which is why TalkTalk sent the new one.  It could also be why fibre did not work last time.

When you connect the new router it will have a different SSID (wireless network name) and password to the old one.  So you will either have to reconnect all your wireless devices using the new SSID/password or log on to the router and change the SSID/password to be the same as that on your current router.