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Please HELP, Been waiting since 13th March

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Hi, please could someone help me., I was supposed to be getting broadband installed on 13th March i'm still waiting.

An engineer came over and said something about needing scaffolding for back of building.


I've heard nothing back. I keep trying to call you but I get no where. I have had messages and emails sent by you to me, saying you've tried to ring me but you haven't. I'm sat next to my phone desperately waiting for a response.

I can not move in to this new property without broadband, most of my belongings are in this flat but a few belongings are still in previous flat with ex flatmate, i can not stay alone in new flat without broadband as we are supposed to be in lockdown. i live alone I can't be isolated right now.

Can someone please atleast tell me what is happening or how long i need to wait because no matter how much I try to call or message I keep be fobbed off.

Please atleast explain. Please HELP


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I don't understand what you have just said? what does that mean


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@misswilliams4 hi please wait for a oce  who are talktalk staff if they are still working on here as u will see some companies have changed over night to how they do things.

Hope that help Regards Joe
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