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Poor wifi connection

Olaide Moradeyo
First Timer

My WiFi has been really bad for few weeks, no improvement whatsoever. I’ve been managing the situation for a while but it’s getting worse. Can’t load google home page, no successful internet calls and continuous disconnection. Really bad😡

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Is it the Wi-Fi part or the Broadband part?


The Wi-Fi part is from your device to the router, and obviously the Broadband bit is the connection via the router.

So do the lights on the router flash or disappear, can you do a speedtest, can you use an ethernet cable temporarily?


Could you switch Wi-Fi channels/frequencies?

Lizaed Systems Wi-Fi Scanner..png


Find and use a Wi-Fi analyser?

What devices do you have, and what operating system?


Please fill in the missing blanks and then a targeted answer can be given.