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Port Forwarding on 3rd party router - Xiaomi AX3600

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Any help would be appreciated here, I have looked around the community already and tried a couple of things to no avail as yet.

I have TT Fibre with the TT Router ( wifi turned off.  The ethernet port is connected directly to my AX3600 (, DHCP from the TT router), this then has a ton of wifi and ethernet devices connected.

I have a few port forwards that I need to use, but will use FTP as an example. The FTP server is on, I can access this fine on the home network of course (and before I had the AX3600, fine external too)

I cannot access it remotely.  I have tried:

a/ port forward on the TT : external port 21 to internal server port 21

b/ port forward on the AX3600 : external port 21 to internal server port 21

c/ port forward on the TT : external port 21 to internal server (AX3600 router) port 21, then AX3600 : external port 21 to internal server port 21


Is it the crossing of subnet from 192.168.1 to 192.168.0 that is the problem? I am sure I had to set them like this to get it to work when I got the AX3600.


I am bidding on an ECI OpenReach modem on eBay at the mo, same as the one I sold a few months ago thinking I hadn't used it in years!  Would this solve the problem directly, replacing the TT router?


Many thanks in advance


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Hi @vanginger good news, thanks for letting us know.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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Thanks again.  I'll save that info for future use 

Just received and installed the OpenReach modem and everything is now running perfectly without having to do anything else.  Appreciate your input!


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Thanks a lot for that informative reply Keith.  I think I did try put them on the same subnet before and there was an issue, although I can't remember what it was.

I will look back at it again if the following doesn't work.  I am waiting on an OpenReach modem that I "won" on eBay. So when that comes, hopefully there won't be an issue.

I will look at this again with the TT router though if it doesn't solve it.

Thanks again, really useful and clear!


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Hi @vanginger 


You have a double NAT scenario which makes things much more complex than they need to be. The ideal arrangement is to put this 3rd party router into bridge mode so as everything will be on the subnet. Then all port forwarding is done via the TalkTalk router.


In your current situation, you will need to forward the port(s) from the TT router to the IP address of this 3rd party router, that is on the same subnet as the TT router. Then in your own router forward the same ports from that interface to the device's IP address. Not all routers allow this.


I can't support 3rd party routers as this is made much more complicated because I do not have one to test with, sorry.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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Hi vanginger,


@KeithFrench - Is this something that you are able to provide some advice on?





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Thanks Debbie.

Yeah hopefully someone will.  It's not so much the router, I know how to set up the Xiaomi one, it's more what I need to do on the TT router to get it working via the other. It doesn't really matter what kind of 3rd party router I am using, I just need someone who knows a bit more about network routing than me!  Basically anyone who has got Port Forwarding working through a TT router then another router.  Or using a 3rd party one with the OpenReach modem.


Support Team
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Hi vanginger


Apologies I'm not sure in regards to this router. Some of our Community Members may know if they have used or are using this router.





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THanks a lot

Yeah I know TT don't support 3rd party routers, just hoping someone else here can help or offer advice.

The Xiaomi is great, wifi on it is amazing, so much better.

Unfortunately, it is all in Chinese!!


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Hi @vanginger that's a potent mix of equipment and hopefully someone will be able to help answer about parts of it. Please don't expect much from the TT team team, they have their work cut out supporting TT equipment.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.