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Possible router problem

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In the past 10 days I've had to turn the router on and off on three occasions when the internet grounded to a halt.  A little concerned that there may be a problem I looked for help and found the 'restore your router to factory settings' article.  I followed the article through and the power supply did not come on within 15 minutes which, per the article, suggests there may be a problem with my router and to get in touch.


Live chat doesn't seem to be functional.  By telephone everything is automated and according to the checks they performed everything is fine.  Everything is fine at the moment but I'm still concerned.  I've made a note of the contact number in case I lose the internet.
Any suggestions as to what to do next - if anything?  


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Hi sueda


Thanks for keeping us updated 🙂


Ahh no, what a week! 😞 I hope you get the boiler sorted soon.


If you do experience any further issues with the connection then please let me know.


Thanks again.



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Hi Debbie,


Just to let you know the router arrived very promptly on Monday but only got it set up today and everything is working perfectly.  I had no further problems with the old one, the moment I'd requested a new one!!

I would have set up the router earlier but had a bit of a chaotic week including my gas boiler packing up.  I don't suppose you send out replacement boilers...?!


Many thanks for your help



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Hi sueda


It's always the way 🙂


Please keep the new router anyway. Let us know how you get on.





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Thanks Debbie - but nothing to apologise for.  You've all been very helpful.  In fact I must apologise - I thought I clicked on the 'router' button when I posted this but I must have mis-aimed as it seems to be in 'fibre' instead.
As to be expected since I requested the new router, everything is working perfectly at the moment!


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Hi sueda


Apologies for this.


The replacement router is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.





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Hi Chris,

It's happened already - pages taking ages to load and videos hanging.  Thought I'd post on here before turning the router on and off just in case I lose the internet.  So, yes please, may I have a new router please?

Thank you


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Give me a week - if I don't need to turn the router on and off in that time I'll assume the reset fixed the problem.  I have discovered that a website I used to visit which was asking for a log in (not happened before, no log in required before)) is now available again since the reset so maybe that cured the glitch.

If I do have to turn it on and off again I'll update here and request the new router.  Or I'll update next Friday if all is working well.
Thank you for your help.

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Hi sueda,


Do you want to see how it goes over the weekend, and if problems continue we can get a new router sent out to you


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Thanks for getting in touch Debbie.  I've no idea.  Is that what you would advise?  
Once I've turned the router on and off everything has worked perfectly but having to do this three times in 10 days was a bit concerning and then the power not returning after trying the reset - and having to turn off and on again!   It may be a glitch that is OK now - I'm not a techie (by any stretch of the imagination!) and am not sure what's best.  I was hoping that it could be checked from afar.

Of interest, perhaps for others as well, I found out why I couldn't get 'live chat'.  I use Avast and it was blocking the live chat button.  Once I disabled Avast the live chat button came up - late last night so not used as yet.



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Hi sueda


Sorry for the delay.


Would you like me to send a replacement router for testing?





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Thank you - I was on Brave.  Moved to Chrome but still not finding the button for live chat.  Will try again later.


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Live Chat is here


Some browser security and extension can block the CHAT NOW or CHAT BUSY button, especially on BRAVE and OPERA.


It is working perfectly on W10 and CHROME right now.