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Problem with Faster Fibre broadband issue

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i have received the router two days ago becuase if an issue with my existing old router, but now i have a new router which improves the speed. however, the only thing that i cannot fix is my issue with my internet connection as it is saying check my home set up. 



I have tried swithcing it and unplugging it for 30 mins, and plug it back in following TT home set up guide for wifi Hubs. no change. i also replaced my old 10 metre BT Modem cable which was very old, and replaced with a new one 10 metre one, but wasnt sure if this would be an issue with improving the speed ? or shall i buy another bT RJ11-RJ45 modem cable that is 5metres so its better for the router to the main BT socket to improve issues with the internet stability conenciton ?


I have ran the service status in my account and it is still showing the message of check home set up , i also have a case opened in my acocunt? Was wondering if you can check for me how to get rid of this message and open case?


Shuold i buy a 5 metre BT rj11 cable which might help with slow internet conneciton ebcuas ei have a 10 metre one  or not?



Please help... the home service status message is just. becoming a nuiasence everytime i run live conneciton to check my broad band issues which is saying i still have a problem?


So the longer my standard telephone cable it is such as 10 metres, the weaker my speed will have on the line?



There is a porblem with my downstream noise which i ve monitored 4 days ago till today, realised it use to be 3 dba ubut it constantly drops through the day from 3.20> 2.60>2.10> 1.90 and then couple of minus later it dips bck up to 3.20dba downstrema noise, can you have a t look at this please?


The upstream noise is still at 6.10 DBa better then the downstream noise which is probs having a significatn impact ont he internet line speed when watching videos etc?




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It is probably best to just experiment with the devices you have to see what gives you the best coverage and speeds. It is very hard to know what will work best without trying it, and as you seem to have all of the equipment you need it might just be best to try it and see !

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Thanks for replying to me. Sorry been a bit busy last few days so couldnt reply .



I actually have this old powerline adapter from TT a few years ago,




I also brought this one  so i can use it as WPS, am i able to use both of them or not via wps am just worried it might  cause some form of miscommunication with the router .



Couldnt upload picture so i included a document of how i have router infront of tv, my main bt socket is behind the tv and cant think of anywhere else to put , i can try putting  the routerin the middle of living room but the grey cable isnt long enough and if i make it any longer then its going to affect my internet speed. I also bought the extender the picture below in word document but was wondering if i can use it along with my old talktalk powerline adapter or not?




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I'm not sure what device you are thinking of getting, are you referring to this one :


This can be set up using WPS. This also has lights on it to indicate the strength of signal it can detect from your router, so you can try it in different areas of your home and see from the lights how good the signal strength is that it is picking up, this can help you place it in the best location.


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Post a picture please.


OR BT n5 socket.png


The connections should be single wires, hopefully into an IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) termination.  Hence the need for pictures.


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Thank you.


Inreally am thinking of buying a wifi extender to put in the dining room , do i need to connect my wifi extender to the router or can i be connected via WPS? I am thinking of purchasing the TP Link N750.


Regarding the BT main socket, a few days ago it was loose coz previous engineer fitted in screw, does the orange and white wire have to be parallel  or twisted together when they are connected to the pins?




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Hi @EdwardWong3090,


It is hard to be sure exactly how well that would work as every house is different, and every house has different levels of Wi-Fi interference etc.


Firstly it would be good to check that you are actually getting the best Wi-Fi performance out of your router as possible. As if there were other Wi-Fi signals (for example from your neighbours routers) that were interfering with yours then that can significantly reduce the range and speed of your Wi-Fi signal.


Ensure your router is not too close to your TV or other electrical devices that could interfere with the signal. It is best to have the router upright, at table height, and facing towards the area where you want the best signal, make sure it is not close to things like cordless phone base stations or microwaves that can interfere with the signal, and not close to things that could block or reflect the signal (i.e. behind furniture, or near radiators etc.)


You can use smartphone apps like this to see what other Wi-Fi networks are visible in your home and what channels they are broadcasting on, ideally you would want your network to be using a channel that was not being used by other Wi-Fi networks nearby, so by walking around your home and checking this app, you may be able to see a better Wi-Fi channel that your router could use that would then not interfere as much with other signals. If you could identify a better channel to use then you could change the channel that your router is using to that better channel, this might then give your router a better Wi-Fi range.


However if your router is already well positioned, and using a good channel, then some sort of extender might be necessary to get a good signal to the more distant parts of your home.


If your router is currently providing a good signal downstairs then you might find that having something like that TP Link booster in the upstairs room directly above the router might then give you a decent signal upstairs.


Alternatively you could use Wi-Fi powerline extenders which would then allow you to place the remote unit in any plug socket in the house that was on the same mains circuit, and it would broadcast a Wi-Fi signal from there, you may find this works better if you got a longer ethernet cable to allow you to plug the main powerline adaptor directly into a wall socket (not an extension socket).


If your home was too large to be adequately covered by the Wi-Fi from the main router and one extender then you might want to look into 'Mesh Wi-Fi' systems, this can start to get quite expensive though !.

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Ah i see. My existing powerline adapter is next to the router on the extension cable and i think its not good. 



My Router is on a surface near the TV within the living room, and if i buy a TP Extender wifi 750 nd plug in to a socket within the dining room and will this be more effective for devices to be connected whilst upstairs or best buying another one to connect other devices within the upstairs wifi dead spots?




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Seeing as the speed to your router (your sync speed) is actually higher than your estimated speed range, this is probably a good indication that the RJ11 cable that connects the router to the phone socket is perfectly good quality.

With a sync speed of around 27 your wired speed test results of 24.8 are pretty normal, if you also get similar speed test results on wireless devices if you are close to the router then that would suggest your routers Wi-Fi is working ok, but Wi-Fi speed will always drop away as you move further from the router. If you do have areas of your home that either don't pick up the Wi-Fi signal at all, or where the speed test results are unacceptably low, then a Wi-Fi booster or powerline adaptors could certainly help.


Speed test results over Wi-Fi can vary a bit based on the other Wi-Fi traffic in your local environment that might be causing interference, but speed tests on a wired device should be fairly consistent, although it can be normal to see a small reduction in speed at peak times.

It is best to plug a powerline adaptor directly into a mains wall socket, not into an extension plug. Ethernet cables can be very long without losing quality, so you should have no problems if you needed to get a 10 or 20 meter ethernet cable to connect a powerline adaptor to your router.

The TP Link device you mentioned appears to be a Wi-Fi booster, not a powerline adaptor, so that TP Link device is just one single plug that you would plug in half way between where your router is, and the area of your home that you want to improve the signal, this device will then pick up the Wi-Fi signal being broadcast from your router and broadcast it back out again at full strength, hopefully reaching that furthest part of the home. So this would not need to be connected to your router using an ethernet cable.

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Oh Ok, 






My estimated measured speed is  between 10mb-25Mbps, though am happy my measured speed is around 27Mbps.



Its just sometimes when i run my speed test it dips up and down and still get the proper speed and is this normal?


Am think of buying TP Wifi extender 750 to help boost the wifi around the home like upstairs , is this ok ? I had to buy a new cable one becuase the old was around 8 years and was pretty much warned out and after buying a new one it helped my speed alittle more. I do think in my opnion that buying a new one will help  the speed and to reach around the house. After using my powerline adapter from TT, after using its just abit slow with the WIFI and dont feel like its useful as it is next to the router which probably not the best idea. 




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If your router is showing a downstream sync speed of 27487 then getting a wired speed test result of around 24.8 would be totally normal. Your speed test results will never be as high as the sync speed. I have a sync speed of 39999 but the absolute best speed test result I will ever get will be about 37.5.


So your router is syncing at about 27.5mbps, so is that within the 'estimated speed' range you can see in the Service Centre or are your estimated speeds much higher than 27.5mbps ?


The OCE's should respond within a few days, but they were a bit short staffed last week, and so they are catching up with a backlog of posts at the moment.


Based on the sync speeds you are seeing in your router your speed test results are totally normal, and buying new equipment / cables would not give you faster speed test results assuming your sync speeds stayed like that. The key thing to understand is are those sync speeds correct, or should you be getting faster sync speeds than that, that is what the estimated speeds in the service centre will tell you, your sync speed should be within that estimated range.


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Status Connection  Time link Status Standard Line Encoding Link Encapsulation

Line 1
1d 09h06m16s
VDSL2 (G_993_2_ANNEX_ B)
ATM (G_992_3_ANNEX_ K_ATM)

  Actual Rate [Kbps] Maximum Rate [Kbps] Noise Margin [dB] Attenuation [dB]Power [dBm]

Line 1





I am thinking of buying TP-Link extender300WI-FI BOOST, will this help with boosting the wifi throughout the house?



I currently have the talktalk old powerline adapters but it seems no use but been using it quiet a long time around maybe 8 years now so not sure if i should upgrade to the one i wanting to buy and buy a new ethernet cable to connect to it away from the router to get the best and fast conneciton?


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Thanks for replying. where as all the OCE `s whom help people ? are they busy or just short staffed??


I should be getting around 27.5mbps and upload should be around 3.9mbps.



When i run speed test its showing me without wired is 24.8 mbps and upload is around 3.4mbps


When connected to the router wired, it shows me around roughly the same . 



i noticed my downstream noises drops throughout the day from 3.20, 3.10. 2.80 and now 2.70 dba and upstream is 6.10 normal.




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@EdwardWong3090, are your sync speeds within the estimated range for your connection (as described in my previous reply), or are they much lower.


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Just my personal opinion.....


Whatever cable you extend it is preferable to be a twisted pair combination, rather than parallel.  Like this....       Obviously you will the staples/clips as well.


For RJ45, Ethernet extenders I favour........


Obviously you will the staples/clips as well.


If you use the master TEST socket for the Router Modem then there is no internal wiring and this should clear any comments about your internal wiring.


BT OR sockets.png


If in doubt please ask.


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Oh ok. 



i have purchased an 5 metre telephone Rj11-Rj45 cable .


I am wondering would it be possible to extend my ethernet cable to another plug socket within the Living room, i have an extension socket with the powerline adapter and i dont think it will work when its close to the router ?


So am thinking of buying and extendr and longer 5m/ 10 meter ethernet cable to connect from router to another plug socket away from the router and help to improve and extend WIFI throughout the house better?


I dont know how to get rid of the check home set up message in service status centre? 



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Hi @EdwardWong3090,


If your master phone socket has a test socket then it would be good to temporarily connect your router to that using the cable and microfilter that came with the router. Then log into your router and check your sync speeds. If your master phone socket does not have a test socket then just trying connecting the router to the master socket using the cable and microfilter (if required) that came with the router.


You could then go back to connecting your router up to your existing longer cables, then log in and check the sync speeds again, if the sync speeds are significantly reduced when you are on the longer cables then they may be part of your problem, but if the sync speeds are pretty much the same then your cables are probably not causing the problem.


The Service Centre will show you your estimated speeds, is the downstream sync speed shown in your router within this estimated range, or is it much lower ?.