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Problems with Faster Fibre upgrade

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I upgraded from the standard fibre package to faster fibre last Monday (9 days ago now).


On the old package I was getting about the maximum speeds (37Mb down, 9.5Mb up or thereabouts). Talktalk estimated a potential download speed on the new package of 60+Mb, but guaranteed 47Mb minimum.

So far my connection is sitting at 44.4Mb down, 17.7Mb up.


I have raised a ticket regarding this and I went through the issue with technical support yesterday over the phone. They said that the line was testing fine and everything should sort itself out in 24 hours. The speeds (and other router stats) have, however, stayed exactly the same.


I have a Sagem Wi-Fi hub running the 2816t software. This has been installed in the same place, with the same wiring etc. for the last 18 months.

In the course of troubleshooting this the router has been rebooted and factory reset. I have tried using the BT test socket vs the BT filtered faceplate on it (no change in stats). I have tried several different cables between the router and the socket (no change in stats).


My connection stats look like this;


Other than a change of less than 200kbps in the sync speed that is the same as when I raised the ticket (before all of the cable changes & a couple of reboots).


Does this mean that, for whatever reason, I will not be able to get the faster speeds on my line - or is there something else that technical support could try from their end?