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Problems with download speed after upgrade

Team Player
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After upgrading I was promised a minimum guaranteed download speed of 65 mb, however this evening after getting home I struggle to get between 5-7 down but can get 16-18 up. My router us a Huawei HG633 and when I checked the upstream line rate is 19999 and the downstream line rate is 79650. My daughter who was checking during the day and was getting speeds down between 22-27 down and 16-18 up



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Yes please



Community Team - TT Staff
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Hi hellogreg,


I've raised this over as a complaint to our Tech Team now and have requested that you are contacted as soon as possible.




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Again thank you for all you are doing to help its much appreciated.

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Hi does anyone know how I'm to be contacted and what the definition of as soon as possible is because at this stage I can only assume that it's by carrier pigeon which may not know where I live .......


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I swear to god you couldn't make this *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* up. After being told on this forum that I would be contacted by talk talk and then after a good few days if anyone knew when I would be contacted, I got an email today saying that I was contacted already and that ad I hadn't responded in 28 days the matter is now closed. This is a shocking way to treat customers.