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Problems with download speed after upgrade

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After upgrading I was promised a minimum guaranteed download speed of 65 mb, however this evening after getting home I struggle to get between 5-7 down but can get 16-18 up. My router us a Huawei HG633 and when I checked the upstream line rate is 19999 and the downstream line rate is 79650. My daughter who was checking during the day and was getting speeds down between 22-27 down and 16-18 up



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Hi hellogreg,


Thanks for retesting and confirming this. I've heard back from our Network Team that they have identified a possible issue and further investigations are now under way to resolve this. I don't have specific dates at the moment, however I will post back as soon as I know more.




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Unfortunately things are still sane as, seems every evening after 9 pm things really slow down  and by 10  I'm lucky to get 9mb down sometimes even less.


Support Team
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Hi hellogreg,


How have the speeds been of an evening? Are they still slow at the moment or have they now improved?




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Hi hellogreg,


How has it been over the weekend? If no improvement please let me know and I'll ask our network team to take a look




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Hi Chris yes one evening I did manage a full 15. something down but can't get more than 6 this evening, this is a real problem for me as I work shifts and a lot of the time I stream my favourite TV shows as half the time I work nights and can't see them live. 


Thanks to all the team for the ongoing help.


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Hi hellogreg,


The last two evening speed tests on the 7th look better, have you noticed an improvement since your last post? If not please let me know and I'll ask our network team to take a look





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No unfortunately not, things are still ad they were. I have ran tests using talk talk speed test past two nights and NY download speed after ten pm is still really poor



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Hi hellogreg,


There was an incident at your exchange that has now been resolved, have you noticed any improvement over the weekend?


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Hi Debbie thank you and your colleges for all the help in trying to resolve my speed issue. 

The new router arrived on Tuesday afternoon, but made no difference to the issue. I contacted talktalj again yesterday afternoon and an agent called Philani suggested we try changing the channel on the router this was completed by 14:00 yesterday. I did notice an increase in my WiFi speed afterwards, I continued to run tests every hour or two after both wired and WiFi and the speed had talked from around 60 down and 18 up at 14:00 to 30 down and 17 up by 16:30 then at 20:00 it was 20 down and 18 up however at 21:00 the download speed was 12 down and 18 up falling still at 22:00 to 6 down and 17 up it didn't get any better before I went to bed at 23:30 measuring 9 down and 17 up. I could really be doing with getting this sorted ad those kind of download speeds are no good and are only a fraction if what the supposed GUARANTEED minimum was SUPPOSED to be. I have been a talk talk customer for many many years but at this stage I think I might need to start looking elsewhere.


Many thanks Adrian .....


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ok so today I had a chat with Philani from yalktalk about my speed issues in the evening  usually starting to fall away just after 7 pm with less than 6 mb down some evenings after 9:30 pm. It doesn't make any difference if I use WiFi or wired connection the result us the same. He in the end changed the channel and we'll see what happens later this evening, but my question is, is the channel not purely for WiFi connections and will it make a blind bit if difference if i was having the same issue on a wired connection. 


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Hi Debbie the replacement router arrived today. So far things are still exactly the sane ad with the old one. I will power it off tonight and check it again tomorrow but the speeds were OK ( between 40 and 60 ) until sometime after 7 pm and have fallen drastically since then between 5 and 12 down, my upload speed has remained constant the whole time always in or around 17/18 even when I first started running tests. This leads me to believe that somewhere my download speed is being throttled back during peak times. I used to think that this was because of the contention ratio as there were quite a few houses in my street with talk talk, however that has changed a lot recently since virgin cane to the area. 


Thanks for all the help .....


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Hi Debbie thanks  again

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Hi hellogreg,


The replacement router is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.





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OK I'll try anything if it might help thanks Debbie

Support Team
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Hi hellogreg,


Thanks for the additional speed test results. Would you like to try a different make and model of router first before we raise this over to our Network Team?




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Hi Debbie here are the results of the further speeds tests you requested. The WiFi results are from a huawei P 20 smart and the wired are from a laptop connected to the router. At the time of each test there was only one connection to the router at the time of the test.


1:30 pm wired 68 down 20 up WiFi 65 down 19 up


4:00 pm wired 70 down 19 up  WiFi 22 down 17 up


5:00 pm wired 72 down 19 up WiFi 32 down 18 up


6:00 pm wired 71 down 19 up WiFi 29 down 18 up


7:00 pm wired 70 down 18 up WiFi 27 down 18 up


8:00 pm wired 65 down 18 up WiFi 24 down 18 up


9:00 pm wired 6.6 down 18 up WiFi 7 down 18 up


10:00 pm wired 5.4 down 18 up WiFi 6 down 18 up


11:00 pm wired 9 down 18 up WiFi 10 down  18 up 


03:00 am (thank you thunder storm) wired 70 down 18 up WiFi 40 down 18 up.


I'm no expert but to me there's seems to be a substantial drop in the evening. 


Thanks for all the help .


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Hi hellogreg


Is it possible to run a wired speed test when the speed drops, this will help rule out any wireless issues?





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Hi Debbie thank you for the reply. The speed test was over WiFi. I have ran others throughout the day all over WiFi the results are ad follows.

6:30 am 58 down and 18 up

7:30 am 36 down and 18 up

11:30 am 66 down and 18 up

3 pm 74 down and 18 up

5 pm 73 down and 18 up

7 pm 27 down and 18 up

8 pm 27 down and 18 up

9 pm 13 down and 18 up

10 pm 34 down and 18 up

These were all taken on an iPhone using WiFi with no other device connected to the network. 


There seems to be a large drop off in the download speed between 5 pm and 7 pm with it trying to recover after 10 pm. 

Could this he a router issue or is something else responsible for the drip in speed?


Thanks in advance ....



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Hi hellogreg


Thanks for your reply.


I've checked the connection stats and your line is showing in sync at 78.4mb.


Did you run a wired or wireless speed test? I can send you a replacement router for testing if you would like me to arrange this?