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Questions about FTTC before upgrading from ADSL on TalkTalk

Whizz Kid
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Hi I saw the offer for FTTC internet for under £22 for 24 months. The account holder is quite interested in upgrading.


I had some questions to ask on it on TalkTalk Live chat , but I didn't seem to get any new information that I didn't already know. I also got some conflicting information that slightly confused me too.


I thought I'd ask the forum here , as I used to post here many years ago , about a problem (Which still sort of hasn't been resolved . But might go away if I switch to FTTC) I had , and found the community forum OCEs more knowledgeble than the call centre.


These are the questions I asked on Live Chat. I didn't get any new information or straight answers I didn't know there , I'd appreciate it if you could give me more info if you can.


1. When does the offer for Faster Fibre / Super Fast Fibre (For under £22 for 24 months) end ? Does it end soon ? We are thinking of upgrading soon .


2. Is my phoneline/ Area capable of getting FTTC  ?

The person on live chat gave me the impression (well rather told me straight after checking my address/post code ) that FTTC is not available in my area/phoneline . (I would have thought most areas of London would be capable of receiving FTTC)


But I am confused as when we log into our account , it does give us the option to upgrade to Faster Fibre.

So what would happen in the situation we are sold a FTTC contract , but our area /phoneline is not capable of the upgrade. Are we at fault , or do we get refunded ?


Whenever I do an availability checker on the talktalk my account site when logged in with our account , it always forwards me to a page where it shows me your recommended package is ADSL with the current speeds I am getting. (Which also confuses me more , whether FTTC is availible in my area or not , as it appears in the available offers when logged into our account)


Please check for me if you can. (I got the impression the person on Live Chat wasn't completely sure of themselves on some answers)

This forum account is associated with the same talktalk number/address  I reported a fault on the first time I interacted with this forum.

If you are unsure I will send the details via a private message if you need to.


I want to makesure we can get FTTC on our phoneline/ address before I order it.


3. Do we get a router/modem when we upgrade to FTTC internet ? Does it come with the upgrade , or do we have to pay separate ? Does the router come with 4 ethernet ports and wireless ?


4. How long do we have to wait to be switched over from ADSL to FTTC once the order is made. Do we have to wait a matter of days or weeks ?


5. For over a decade we've always had a fault that , neither talktalk or openreach could ever find whenever we did report . We just gave up and just lived with it , since nobody could ever find it.


It seems to affect stability and speeds sometimes when it's acting up.  Also speeds in general seem quite poor in general whenever I compare to other people's ADSL , even within the same area. ( Especially upload speeds)


( And I am pretty sure it's not inside the house or in the property , as we already tried to rectify those things the brought up those faults on the forum. I am fairly sure the fault is somewhere on the outside on the way to the cabinet or exchange , but was never found , since the nature of the fault has always been quite variable . Picking the phone also seems to have an effect on the connection , despite all sockets being micro filtered. Sometimes connection is lost while doing so on bad days. State of weather also seems it might be a problem too.)


I am afraid this fault could affect us getting any gains in speed/stability after switching from ADSL to FTTC. (Although there is a possiblity the change from FTTC might get rid of the problem , since some of the line is being switched to Fibre)


Will you be able to help us resolve this if the speeds seem very poor for FTTC  after the upgrade?


(Although my fault from a decade ago , was never fully resolved when joining this forum and still appears on my line now and again even nowadays)

I am pretty sure we aren't that far from the telephone exchange.


Thanks if you can answer any of these.

I only really need answers to the simpler questions at the moment.

I hope to swtich from ADSL to FTTC soon if possible before the offer ends.




Support Team
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Hi LowQuality,


Thanks for the information, if you do decide to follow it up, please let us know 



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Hi Michelle,


In after logging into my account on the talktalk page, it seems  the network has updated to recognize the new router now. So that's a little good news.


In the past I have tried several different routers/modems and also tried several different phones including a corded one.


As far as I know , the line doesn't really seem completely silent.

I have also tried listening to the line with just the phone plugged in at the master socket with nothing else plugged in.


After pressing a button on the phone to listen for silence , depending on how bad the fault is acting up , I can always hear a mild hissing sound in the background and a mild rustling sound. Depending how bad the fault is acting up the rustling sound can be more frequent/louder.


If the internet is connected to the hissing sound is usually louder and the mild rustling sound becomes a sharp crackling sound instead.


I don't actually want to follow up the fault at the moment , because I remember the last time I followed up the fault , we just went around in circles and nothing was fully resolved and we just ended up living with it.


In the past far as I know the fault rarely gets bad enough that we lose phone access.(On a few ocassions many years ago the phone line went down a few times , but I am unsure if that was due to the fault itself , or due talktalk outages)

But it can get bad enough that we get disconnected from the internet especially in regards to the phone being off the hook.  (Even though all sockets have been filtered . I have changed sockets several times , no difference)


This is a link to the long  thread from many years ago :


There were plenty of misunderstandings between engineers.

Especially if the fault wasn't acting up as badly on the day of the engineer vists.


Whenever we got a BT OpenReach engineer that specialized in phones , from his point of view he would say there's nothing wrong with the phoneline since you can still make calls.

He wouldn't interested that the crackling noise got worse when the internet was connected and would say , the internet engineer would need to solve that.


But whenever we got an BT Openreach engineer that specialized in internet/broadband , they wouldn't be able to find the problem at our end , because I'm pretty sure it's on the phone lines , since a big part of the problem seems to be phone activity seems to have an affect on stability. (The upstream SNR Margin sinks when phone is off the hook. Also siyncing the router when the noise is present or when the phone is off the hook usually results in lower upstream speeds and higher upstream SNR margin. On some ocassions downstream speeds/SNR can behave strangely too)


Also I believe weather/temperature might play a part too if the problem is outside. Since I observe my connection throughout the


In that case the internet engineers would say I need to to get a phone engineer in instead.

But that's where the going around in circles part begins and never ends. Because the phone engineer doesn't care that the phone line problem affects the internet , from his Point of view the internet engineers should deal with that. ( Even though I am sure there is a fault on the phonelines somewhere , and once that is fixed it would probably solve the internet problems)


Another reason I don't really want to follow it up at the moment , is because I have also had an incident where a BT Engineer said he wouldn't charge us for the visit and in the end he didanyway , even though the problem wasn't resolved. (And we weren't at fault either)


After multiple visits from different engineers , several things were changed including :

- Changing the cables running from the junction box to our junction box

- Changing the master socket

- Giving us a new junction box

-  Changing the wiring from the new junction box to the master socket


None of these really helped the problem. I can tell this because the upstream SNR Margin still sinks when the phone is off the hook. The hissing and crackling sounds still appears when the phone is off the hook too. No matter what router , phone or filters are connected too.


Everything inside the house and in very close range to the house has been changed. So I am pretty sure the problem must be along the rest of the copper wiring , at the green box or at the exchange.


The only thing that seemed to help abit is when one engineer visited the green box and said he found "something" and he contacted the exchange and I think they made some kind of change.

After that I thought the problem seemed to go away for a while. The phoneline seemed clearer and upstream SNR margin didn't seem to sink when the phone was taken off the hook anymore. (Or maybe it was still there and I was just having a good period. Or the hissing/crackling and SNR dip was so mild for a while , I barely noticed it at the time)


But unfortunately that was short lived. My problems seemed to comeback a few weeks later. So my problem was not gone after all.

I still experience the problem nowadays , but I think whatever they did at the exchange that day seemed helped a little.

I can still have bad days/weeks in general , but they seem to happen less frequently overall ever since that change was made. (Most of the time it's not bad enough to lose my connection , except only on bad days)

But the overall problem is still there and has always been out there though , it has not been eliminated. (As long as I can hear crackling/hissing on the phoneline and see the upstream SNR Margin sink whenever I pick up the phone , I know the problem is still out there somewhere)



But anyway at the moment we don't have time to fit in any engineer visits and we don't really want to risk any engineer charges , because one eingeer was dishonest and charged us when he said he wouldn't.


Also at the moment ever since moving to Faster Fibre/FTTC , even though I can still see the problem is there on the upstream SNR Margin , it seems to be sinking alot less ever since we made the switch to Fibre. (Well either that or it might just be a coincidence my fault isn't acting up as much at the moment. Maybe because the weather is less cold this week possibly ?)


At the moment since being connected to Faster Fibre , I've only seen the upstream SNR Margin sink by about 0.1db-0.5db while the phone is off the hook , most of the time. (Which is how it behaves on most good days while on ADSL with my fault)


While I was on ADSL , the upstream SNR Margin could sink anywhere between 0.1db - 20+db while the phone is off the hook , depending , how bad the fault is acting up.

In the weeks before switching from ADSL to Faster Fibre , I noticed my upstream SNR Margin was sinking by around 2db-6db while the phone was off the hook.


While on ADSL , on a bad day I had a workaround , where I would purposely sync the router with the phone off the hook , which would make the router gain a very high upstream SNR Margin (Depending on how bad the noise is that day) , which would hopefully act as a barrier against disconnects, whenever the phone was used.

Unfortunately by doing this I usually sacrifice alot of my upstream sync speed .

This workaround isn't foolproof because on the worst days , the noise spikes can be over 20db.


So hopefully switching half the phone line to Fibre , probably helped a lot in regards to the fault.

Or maybe the new router/hub is better at maintaining SNR on a noisey line than my older routers ? (Even though changing router in the past never helped in that regard)

But in any case I can still hear crackling on the phoneline at the moment too.


But I at the moment I just want to observe long term , how stable my connection is after the switch to faster fibre.

At the moment it's looking good, even though I can still recognize the fault is still there.


But depending on how bad my fault gets and how it affects the faster fibre connection , I will ask to investigate the fault either by replying to this thread or creating a new one.


In the meantime , thanks for all your help everyone.





Support Team
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Hi LowQuality,


Thanks for the additional information. Is the crackle/noise present at the test socket with 2 different handsets, including a corded phone and with all other equipment removed from the line Once we've confirmed this then we can investigate the voice fault further.




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Hi Michelle,


I just wanted to mention after updating my hub firmware recently I can now see my true SNR Margins.

(I read somewhere on another thread , there is a bug on the old firmware , which makes SNR Margins display incorrectly)


I also wanted to mention I think the noise fault is still on my line , despite half of the line being switched over to fibre. So I guess the noise fault that has plagued me all these has always been on the copper wiring from the green box/cabinet that leads to the telephone pole outside our house. (Or maybe in the green box/cabinet itself )


I can still hear a crackling noise on the phoneline at times when I take the phone of the hook , which seems to be exaggerated while the router/hub is on too.


I can also still see the upstream SNR Margin sink slightly when taking the phone off the hook too. Which has always been a big symptom of this fault.


But after observing the upstream snr margin ever since switching over to FTTC , I noticed even though the upstream SNR Margin still sinks when the phone is taken off the hook , it's not sinking as much as it was a few days ago while I was still on ADSL.


So I am not sure if the change to FTTC made any difference to the fault , even though it didn't eliminate. Or maybe the new hub/router is better at coping / keeping it's SNR margin  in comparison to older routers. (If that's even possible.)


Although in the past changing to different router never made any difference in the fault before. So maybe switching to FTTC , got rid of some of the fault , but not all of it maybe ?


There is also the possibility my fault isn't acting up as much at the moment. (I have strong reason to believe weather or maybe even temperature plays a role in how bad the fault is acting up)


I might have to test/observe over a period of weeks/months to see if my fault returns to periods of higher noise and instability. (And whether they affect my speed)


I also noticed on "my account" it says that my router/hub is not recognised by the network. Is there anyway to fix this ?


Because of this I remember this caused alot of confusion while I was on chat support a few weeks ago when I was still using my ADSL router.


But now that I switched over to FTTC with the new hub , it seems even the new router talktalk has supplied is still not recognised on the network in "my talktalk account" website when I log in.





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Thanks for your help in clearing those answers up for me.

Guess that means there's no point in asking to keep the hub , if it only works with TalkTalk.


Also it is possible to not use the talktalk router and use a different 3rd party router/hub with the talktalk FTTC service ?

How would you set up the authentication of a new 3rd party vdsl router that is not issued by talktalk , since the ones issued by talktalk nowadays are set to authenticate automatically with their service ? Would it be able to authenticate automatically through the phoneline too ?


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You obviously have the Sagemcom hub, not the Huawei one, as the latter is too new to have any firmware updates. I will try to answer your other questions:-


Error counters - no, but other statistic information under Device Information/xDSL Statistics


Router admin password - go to:-

Dashboard > See internet settings > Manage advanced settings > Access control > User tab


WAN Username & password - not used these days. It is all built onto an authentication server that basically allows your line to use the TalkTalk network.


Is it locked to TalkTalk's network - I can't answer that, as I do not have access to any other ISP. However, it is very common for ISPs to lock their routers to their network.



I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
TalkTalk support and Community Stars - Who are they? 

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Hi Keith ,


Thanks but I think I should be OK for most of the features now in regards to the hub , because after I made that post , I left my router/hub on overnight and it received a firmware update.


After this firmware update more features appeared , including the assigning of static IPs.


I thought it abit weird that such a basic feature wasn't in the old firmware , or if it was there I had a hard time finding it , while on the older firmware.


Also among other things , my SNR Margins started displaying correctly too. (I think I read somewhere it is a common bug on older firmware in another thread . )


There are a couple of features that I  would like to know if you can help me find them or if they exist or not on this hub/router.


I'm pretty sure the hub I was given is the Sagecom one (The one with all the ventilation holes and the solo bright LED light at the front)


Is there any screen in the menus display of error on the line/connection ?

In my old ADSL routers , they were usually displayed on the same page as the rest of the router stats , like the downstream / upstream sync rates and SNR margins ... etc ....

They don't seem to appear on that page in this new router/hub.


In the old router they were either displayed as :

Correctable errors and Uncorrectable areas,

Or as:

CRC errors , FEC errors and HEC errors.


If the hub doesn't display such information/ it is hidden , I am once again surprised such a basic feature is not even available in such a modern router/hub.


Having the display of errors on the line , is pretty useful for me , because I'm pretty sure I have problems regarding noise on my phone line which can affect my connection stability (And speeds during syncing)   . Errors usually increases greatly if I am having a bad day. Having the error information displayed to me helps me recognize if my line/connection is having a bad day. (As well as SNR which has a history of varying greatly , especially in the presence of phone usage)


Also I was wondering is there any menu on the Sagecom that allows me to change the admin password (and username) on the hub itself ? ( Not the wireless settings password)


Or am I stuck with whatever password assigned to me on the back of the router ?

Also what would happen to this password , if a factory reset was done ? (Sometimes my old router would forget my settings a return to factory setting for no reason. Then the password would return to the generic word admin , that seems to come with most routers )


Also on my old ADSL router there was a screen that had a username and password that was used for actually dialing up the connection during sync.

It was like :

Username = " and then a generic password was supplied with talktalk.

(Also sometimes when my old router would forget all it's information and return to factory settings. The username and password would return to something else generic looking , but somehow I am still able to connect to the internet though )


I cannot find this screen in the new router/hub ? Does it exist ?

Also does this mean this router/hub would not work on another provider's network , if you decide to move after the contract expires ? (Presumingly if you are allowed to keep the hub ? Are you , or must it be returned ?)


Thanks alot if you can answer these questions.

I'll probably be exploring the menus of the hub during the following week or so . So I might have more questions , but I doubt it because those are the main ones.





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Hi @LowQuality 


Michelle has asked me to help you, presumably, from a quick read of your last post, to do with reserving IP addresses & port forwarding. However, before I can help with this, I need to know which Wi-Fi hub you have as there are now two of them. One made by Sagemcom & the other by Huawei.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
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Hi LowQuality,


Thanks for the update. @KeithFrench - Would you be able to offer any advice?




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Hi ,


I am pretty happy with the speeds I am getting , they are indeed within the range as promised.


I am just having a little trouble finding information easily on the guide ( on the new hub and making modifications.


The menus are a little confusing , any help would be appreciated.


The old router I had , the menus and options were in more detail , but somehow less confusing.

The menus on this new hub are confusing to me , even though they look simplified.


How do I give static ips to individual devices ?

I found the menu to forward ports per device , by clicking on each device.

But I am unsure how to change individual devices to a static ip on this new router/hub?


Also I am unsure about the page that shows me my SNR Margins.

I am unsure if it's an accurate/current representation of my current SNR.

Downstream SNR Margin always says 0db and upstream SNR margin is always saying 6db.


I have always had a problem with my line/connection in the past that sometimes show erractic behaviour on my upstream SNR Margins. Sometimes this figure would jump up and down by the second during sometime periods. Also the upstream SNR Margins would also sink whenever the phone is taken off the hook , despite everything being filtered.

If the Upstream SNR Margin sinks too low , sometimes it would result in a disconnection of the router.


These behaviors would display in real time on the router stats on my old routers.

I could see the upstream SNR Margin jump up and down on my old routers , everytime I refresh the menu page. (I always tested this with the phone on/off the hook too , and could always see the difference)


It was quite an important feature too , because it would tell me whether I was having a bad day or not , in regards to my connection. (Which I always suspected to be corrosion somewhere on the lines in between the property/exchange. Weather could have been a factor too. My fault was never found by openreach when we tried look for them because of it's variable nature and misunderstanding between engineers , all those years ago. So we kind of gave up on it , because we couldn't really risk being charged due to misjudgements)


The fact that in the new router/hub I just received , that the figures on the SNR never seem to change , whether I take the phone off the hook and refresh the page , makes me believe the figures being on the router aren't really being reported correctly/accurately in real time ????


To me this is pretty bad because I need that real time representation of the state of my SNR Margins , to know whether I am currently suffering from a bad day or not . (When I mean real time , I mean if I can see any changes by the second , when I refresh the router/hub stats page.)


Since SNR never seems to change on the new hub menu , it kind of makes me feel like it's an estimate rather than a real time representation.



Which is pretty bad for me if I still have the noise fault on my line , because I will have no way of knowing whether I'm having a bad day for my connection or not.

(I think 0db is pretty suspicious reading if you ask me , that makes me think the SNR reading isn't accurate at on this hub , I would have thought it report 6db instead ?? The figures seem all a little too perfect and never changing to me ...)


Having real time observation of my SNR Margins are a very clear indication for me whether my fault is acting badly up or not, at the current time. Without it I am in the dark whether my fault is acting up or not.


On the other hand this could also mean , I am no longer suffering from the noise problem on the line , because half the line is switched over to fibre. Hopefully this means the fault was on the half that was switched over to fibre ??? (I sure hope so !!!! That would mean my problem is finally over after switching to FTTC and it means the fault was between the exchange and the green box all along)


Also another thing that helped me know whether if my connection was acting up badly , is the reporting of errors on the line. Do the admin menus on the new router/hub , not show this.

If I was having a bad day/period , I could see hundreds/thousands of CRC/HEC errors developing by the second on my old router admin menus in real time.


Are these things no longer viewable in this new router/hub ? Please let me know if there is a menu for this , because seeing errors developing is pretty important for me to , as is seeing the current realtime SNR.


Also is it possible to change the Admin password too on the router ? I was able to change it on my old routers.


Also what happened to the dialing password input screen I had on the ADSL routers ?

Usually it was something like :  Username " Yourtelephone" then your password.

Is this all automatic now ?


Because sometimes my old ADSL Routers would forget all this and retrun to factory settings. What would happen to this new router if something went wrong and everything returned to factory settings ? How would I get my talktalk connection back ? Since I can't see a dialing password screen anymore .


Also in the case of the hub losing everything and going back to factory settings , would the hub username and password both become admin ? Because this new router actually came with a specified password and not just the generic admin password , other routers have come with ?









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Hi LowQuality,


Please let us know how the connection compares today 🙂 The wifi hub will work on both an ADSL and fibre connection.





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@LowQualityin post 11 you said `

But then underneath that it says a summary of my ordered products.

And then there it contains two drop down menus : 1. Broadband & Home Phone and 2. TV`


Just check and see if you are being charged for this, I think it is £4 per month, if so and you have not got a You View box then cancel it, there are many more members who have had this added when they have re contracted or updated to fibre. If you cannot remove it yourself then post again and an OCE will look into it for you.

If case you have forgotten the Do’s and Don’ts. There are members that have. Remember:-Be yourself and tell it like it is,. Be courteous to other customers. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Update your community profile. The Forum Guidelines apply to ALL members there are/should be, NO exceptions. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. Now a wizard.

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Your new hub will work with your current service so you can use it now.


Just connect the cables and it will get online without any input from you.


You will have to take a note of the new WiFi network name (SSID) and use the new password to connect your devices.


It will be a dual band router, so suggest you delve into the menus and give each band a different name, then you will know which band you are trying to connect to, 5Ghz is faster for modern devices but has less range than 2.4 Ghz.


The vast majority of upgrades go without a hitch, I just left my new router plugged in on the day and left home with 3.3 Mbps on ADSL and came home to fibre at 33 Mbps.


Do check that the phone line still works after the switch and you still have the correct number, there have been a minuscule number of lines left disconnected or crossed, but that is very unlikely.





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I just received the new hub/router on the weekend.

I was wondering should I install it now or should I wait until the day of the upgrade and when my ADSL router loses it's connection on the day ?


Also am I even able to install the router now ? Is this router/hub compatible with ADSL too ?


Also is it correct that this router/hub is considered TalkTalk property until the end of the contract ? And when we complete the contract , we can keep it for free and it's considered our property afterwards ? If we quit mid-contract we have to return the router/hub ?


I think I read that somewhere , I am unsure if it's official information though ? Is that correct .

Also at the end of the contract , if we decide to downgrade to ADSL , would this router/hub still work ?


Thanks if you can answer these questions for me.

My upgrade day is Tuesday , I hope things go smoothly.

If things don't go smoothly and somehow I lose my internet connection completely , I'm gonna have quite a hard time getting to contact this forum to fix things.


(As I would have to visit somewhere else to get an internet connection , plus I prefer the help on these forums from the OCEs , than going through other channels.)


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First mistake was never to simply upgrade! Always phone and ask to cancel and see what deals they can offer. I did that and got  the Fibre B/Band same price as normal B/Band, plus a welcome credit.  Do this every year and you often get offers not on their website!


Anyway, I also have the 1. Broadband & Home Phone and 2. TV; on my account, without a TV Box its useless,feature so unless you click on and buy TV bundles it wont affect the pricing (or not on mine any way).  So you right, its a standard package.


Your router usually arrives 3 days before the go live date, so dont panic it will turn in a week or so. Its a bit of beast as takes up some space.


The only reason a engineer would need to call is if there is a fault, for example on my go live date, there was a fault between the exchange and my property. The fault turned out to be an issue in the fibre cabinet where it connects to the local copper lines. (moving to the fibre revealed this fault), but the engineer in theory could have needed to trace out the fault the full route of the line. - TT to be fair gave me £20 for this (without me even asking).



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Hi again ,

I just order Faster Fibre and it says my upgrade date will be on the 18th of February.


I also see something in my account that worries/confuses me slighty.


When I log into my account , then click on the Pending orders .

Then it brings to a page that tracks my order and mentions : 1 - The new router will be dispatched and  - 2.  My Go Live date.


But then underneath that it says a summary of my ordered products.

And then there it contains  two drop down menus : 1. Broadband & Home Phone and 2. TV


I am pretty sure I did not order TV at the checkout basket.

Is this some kind of mistake ?

This is the only place that mentions this.

TV is not mentioned on the email with the summary of my order either.

Or is TV supposed to be included as standard (And we never used ?) or in the Faster Fibre package anyway ?

Or is just some kind of mistake/error only showing/displaying up on the website ?


I can take a screenshot of the page with my personal information rubbed out if you need me too. It only seems to appear on that web page in our account that keeps track of orders.


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Hi LowQuality,


Apologies for the confusion, the wifi hub is a router. If you already have an active broadband service then an engineer visit to the property is not likely, however it will advise if one is needed during the sign up process. 





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Are routers and hubs the same thing / similar ?

I am not too technically minded , so I assumed they do different things.

I have been using outdated technology for quite long after all.

I think I've just caused a lot of confusion because some of the models are called routers and some called hubs .


I've never really had to use a hub before. But if they play the same role as a router/modem , I guess everything is fine.

Until today I always assumed the hub was used for something else.

Is setting static ips and port fowarding possible on the hub , like it is on a router ?

Are all things I am used to doing on a router possible on a hub ,


Anyway I think I am going to order the faster fibre deal while logged into the my account page if the offer is still there.  Please makesure they send me the router/hub before the Fibre is activated.


Thanks for your help everyone , I hope it goes smoothly.


EDIT : Also I forgot to ask will an engineer be visiting my house before/during/after the upgrade  , please let me know if they will and when if that is the case.



Support Team
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Hi LowQuality,


Your current router is not fibre compatible so you would receive a wifi hub as part of the upgrade.





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Your old DSL router is NOT fibre compatible, so if you upgrade TT will send you a new model.


As your are moving from ADSL to fibre that should be the new Sagemcom Hub.


If you have an ongoing fault, then there could still be problems if you upgrade, depending on where the fault lies.