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RE: Do I have any options to upgrade my tin phone line? (Fibre 65)

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Hi all,


Happy Easter Bank holiday weekend! Just curious, I've been with TalkTalk for many years now and here on the forum I've always had the help I've needed with issues that have arose. About 3 years ago TalkTalk agreed to send an engineer to my house because a Fibre "Speed Boost" that I had activated on my account didn't make much of a difference, the router at the time reported that my line was capable of connecting at up to 20mbps more than what the package (pre-speed boost) allowed...hence the reason I activated it :). cut a long story short the OpenReach engineer turned up, checked the line over and told me that it was made out of tin and that he's surpised it works as fast as it does. Downstream speed on my line, although decent at 40-45mbps, isn't quite adequate for me as a content creator. Worse however is the upstream speed which is between 5-7mbps so livestreaming on websites such as Twitch or YouTube proves difficult when playing an online multiplayer game as to get a decent stream quality it has to be set to a certain bitrate which often doesn't leave a great deal for the game so it causes lag or dropped frames on my stream which is less than ideal. Also when uploading content to a popular video website (YouTube) some 1440p videos take a very long time to upload. There also seems to be crosschatter (or something) when uploading content because any downloads seem to affect the upstream too...for example when live streaming on Twitch and something is downloading in the background it badly affects my upstream capabilities.


It's so frustrating sometimes when trying to live stream that the slightest download causes it to become unstable, I've even considered cancelling and moving to a 4G router since the mobile signal in my area is pretty decent but I'd prefer not to do that.


Is there any way that TalkTalk could help out a loyal customer and maybe give a nudge toward OpenReach to see if I could have something done with my tin phone line? Maybe a way to get FTTP set up? I'd even be willing to pay some of the cost (within reason 🙂 ).




Also forgot to mention that I am using a third party router, a Netgear D7800-100UKS Nighthawk but the upstream issue was ongoing with the TalkTalk supplied router before I changed it.


Thank you!


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Well I was watching some Youtube uploads from people and they seemed to be giving it the thumbs up, Yes costs a bit more but what do you expect. better than ADSL,FTTC broadband (if miles long copper cable runs etc). I will just sit it out and wait till Openreach get here I guess...............................


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If you're "in the sticks" you certainly aren't going to be getting 5G anytime soon. Satellite broadband is another proposition that has so far failed to deliver, probably because of start up costs. And the fact that nobody is in a position to launch anything from Russia at the moment.  😐


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yes it was 5g. I was as keen as him that it would be a good move and kept asking hows it going. He was having big trouble with it a real big let down. Hes stayed with his current ISP. I suppose if your in the sticks with lousy broadband look upwards now to Starlink and give that a try


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@bigkenny Your "mate" was it 4G, or 5G? I would never recommend the former for anything other than casual and low bandwidth use, but if you get a decent 5G signal in the few areas where it is available then it is a viable proposition.  As the airwaves lose more and more broadcast traffic and 5G coverage improves and increases it will become a genuine alternative, but not for some time yet for most of us. 


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A mate of mine was in a good area for 4g/5g so he was going to ditch his ISP (not TT) he signed up for 5g got the router and sim card delivered and within a week he had sent it back within the cooling off period. He said the signal was up and down all the time was terrible he was nr a phone tower as well. It might sound good in the press about 5g but still up and down quality etc. So good luck if you ditch a normal broadband/fibre ISP and go with 5g as you might be pulling your hair out!


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i thought this may unforunately been the case. I had a message back from Openreach saying that they have no plans to roll out FTTP in my area but if I wanted FTTP I could pay to have it installed via a third party supplier...I can't imagine that would be a cheap option!

I'll check out 4G internet in my area, signal isn't too bad but I'm still in contract with TalkTalk so it'd be a bit of a waste to have 2 concurrent internet fees haha


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your in the same boat as most of us im afraid its a sit and wait game till FTTP roll out comes up your street,lane, cul-de-sac..........

I just wish there was a way to jump the queue!

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There are other suppliers, although their coverage is not as widespread as Openreach and some operate in certain areas only. 


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Hey @ferguson thanks for the reply,

Last time I checked the open reach full fibre checker all I got was "We currently have no plans to roll this out in your area" :(. While my downstream speed isn't great I can manage with that it's the upstream that really affects me unfortunately.


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Openreach and other suppliers are busy rolling out full fibre installations across the UK. Sadly, there is little influence that ISPs can bring to bear on their schedules. It will come to most of us eventually, in the meantime all you can do is check for updates from the network suppliers operating in your area.