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Rain causing my connection to drop and reconnect, everytime it rains. Screenshots showing the issue.

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FAO: TalkTalk Engineers,




on the 9th August 2021 I was updated for free to the fibre 35 VDSL and was previously on the fast broadband package ADSL.


Since before the upgrade I was having issues with the phone line sometimes not being very clear and the internet would also become slower when it rained while I was on the ADSL, but would not drop the connection and this started a good while back and my next door neighbour also on TalkTalk had issues to the point he lost the phone line totally and a BT openreach engineer had to come out and install a new phone cable to the property from the pole outside, I was there at the time and he said the cable was the old type cable and needed replacing and the main phone socket to a new type phone socket, he also mentioned me and my neighbour were on the old style cable and sockets. At the time my neighbour had issues I ran the fault detection test on the TalkTalk site for my neigbour on his conenction and it came up with a line fault and that automatically arranged for a BT Openreach engineer to come out the next morning to fix the issue.


I have ran the line test too but it never comes up with a fault when I am having these issues, the difference with my line and his was his phone line totally went dead but he could still get on the internet and do the line test even at the very slow connection it was connecting at.


I have also made sure outside the cable coming into the house is not letting water come into the socket and tried the test point on the socket too and also noticed the socket is very corroded on the metal pins and have cleaned them up as best as I can with electronic contact cleaner and that made no difference too once it started to rain outside, so it is either the cable coming from the pole to the property or the box on the pole is letting water in and causing the issue to the connection as it only happens when it rains on the dot and never when dry.



I started to monitor the issue and took screenshots of the router connection at the time it was dry and the minute it starts to rain as it did earlier at (17th August 2021) 4.20am and of course as always it will drop the connection and reconnect and this can sometimes be many times it will do that until it stops raining again.


The first screenshot is the connection on day one when I was transferred from ADSL to VDSL (9th August 2021).


1st day .jpg


This next screenshot is the first time it rained since getting VDSL and the connection dropped many times that day while it rained and as you see the SNR changed as the DLM was trying to adjust to the line quality and the many drops in connection.


1st day rained reconnect.jpg


The next screenshots are from tonight at around 4.20am it started raining and as you will see from the screenshots what happened to the connection and then it dropped the connection totally, the upstream noise safety coefficient SNR dropped to 1dB from over 11dB earlier when it was not raining as you will see as it started to rain how quickly it drops and I took the screenshots one after the other till it dropped the whole connection in under 2 minutes of rain this happened and then reconnected, time is at the bottom too showing it was connected over 5 days before it rained again and causing the issues again.


vdsl9 raining.jpg

vdsl10 raining.jpg

vdsl11 raining.jpg

vdsl12 raining.jpg

Connection was dropped right after that screenshot above, screenshot below showing reconnected again.


vdsl13 raining reconnected.jpg


This is the main socket and only phone socket that comes into the house and no other phone socket or extentions in the property. When I tried to get to the test socket area by removing the faceplate the original screws were all rusted and were a pain to remove (replaced with new screws after) and when the socket was opened up I noticed the metal pins were corroded on the faceplate contacts and the socket pins and I cleaned them with an electronic contact cleaner I use for ethernet cables and switches to remove corrosion or debris from contacts and hoped that was the problem as when it rains humidity goes up and may have caused an issue on these contacts too, but didn't really help once it started to rain again, same issue the connection drops and reconnects while it rains outside and sometimes the phone line can become noisy with static and other times it doesn't, it just depends how quicly I catch it and run to the phone and listen for any noise on the line while it drops the connection.




This is the type of cable I have coming into my home (picture below) the white grey one that is the old stype BT cable and every property by me now has the black cable as they all had issues with their phone line at some point with this old style cable, seems I'm the last one with this cable now and was previously my next door neighbour on TalkTalk too on this white grey cable when he had the issues too on his phone line and internet due to the cable degrading the Openreach engineer said at the time, which was only a few weeks back when next doors issue started and now mine is causing the same issues.




This issue can go on many times while it rains and makes a real mess of large downloads and console games updates that need restarting sometimes and some are 100+GB updates and can take over 12 hours sometimes to download and update, so everytime it rains it basically makes the download start from the start again, which is not very usable at this rate and we are coming into the rainy season now and winter. Also making a mess of my work while on skype or using remote desktop to the office servers or desktops or clients I'm trying to do remote network/server work for.


I work as a Network Security Engineer and working from home at the moment due to the covid issues and this connection is starting to make a mess of my work and normal use of the internet service as now I have to plan when it might rain before doing any large uploads or downloads or remote connections that can't be resumed from where they left off and need to restart from the beginning.



Can an Openreach enginner please come out to the property to check the box on the pole is not getting water inside when it rains, replace the cable from the pole to my property and the main socket in the property as it's really old and pretty nasty inside and needs replacing as I can't live with a connection that drops everytime it rains, we are in the UK and it rains more than it's dry.


My details are in my profile and are all up to date. Thank you.


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Thanks for the update, hopefully you'll have no further problems 🙂


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Just to update the Openreach engineer came on Monday but said he needed a hoist to get up the pole and replace the cable to the property as a fault was found on the cable and the main socket needed replacing but he couldn't do the job until he got a hoist as the pole was not safe to go up (while there is always an enginner up that pole every week without a hoist), anyways he said by end of the day should be able to do the job with a hoist but in the end it turned out he couldn't get a hoist and today Wednesday 25th August another openreach engineer came out without a hoist and went up the pole to replace the cable and main socket.


So today the cable was replaced and the main socket and they found a fault with the cable from the pole to my house and the cable again was old and degraded and the engineer said this is very normal when a cables insulation fails and rain causes this issue.


Anyways the job is done and I hope all will be fine next time it rains and if anything comes up I will let you know.




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Thanks @Chris-TalkTalk , I will update once the Openreach engineer comes on Monday and let you know how it goes.


Thank you.


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There are no appointments available tomorrow so I've booked one for August 23 2021, AM (08:00-13:00) - please let us know how you get on


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@Chris-TalkTalkif you can arrange the visit for tomorrow it would be great and Monday I should be home too. Can you please let me know the time of day the engineer will be around too, thank you.


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Hi _Purgatory_,


Thanks for answering the security questions. Regarding the engineer charges please check the help article - engineer charges - it explains exactly when you would and wouldn't receive a charge - if this OK please let me know and I'll book the visit. (If tomorrow isn't available are you available all day on Monday?)



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Morning @Chris-TalkTalk ,


I have answered the security questions in the PM, regarding the Openreach visit, when can that be done ? As Friday I will be too busy for an engineer visit, if it can be done for tomorrow as I will be home all day or let me know when the next appointment can be arranged.


Also as noted in the original posts with the screenshots of the issue happens only when it rains the connection drops out and I'm not happy about charges for an issue that is happening outside of the property as I explained happened to my next door neighbour too that is on talktalk too and the openreach engineer didn't find a problem the morning he appeared at first and later the intermittent fault happened luckly while he was still there and explained above had to replace the cable from the pole to the property and he replaced the main socket to the new type socket. I'm hoping it's just something up on the pole or the cabinets as it only happens when it rains so water is getting into something when it starts to rain and not in the socket in the property as I have checked all that.


Can you please get back to me regarding when an openreach engineer can come visit so to resolve this issue please as soon as possible before the issue gets worse.


Thank you.


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Hi _Purgatory_,

Thanks for the information. We can raise this to Openreach for investigation but it would be up to the Openreach engineer as to what action needs to be taken to resolve the issue, we wouldn't be able to tell them what cables need to be replaced etc.


If you'd like us to go ahead with the engineer visit can you confirm:

  • That you accept potential Engineers charges

  • Provide availability, either AM (8am to 1pm) or PM (1pm to 6pm) between Monday to Friday.

I've also sent you a PM to confirm some other details




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Hi @Chris-TalkTalk ,

yes the day the issue first started I opened up the main phone socket as stated above and realised the socket had corroded screws to get into the socket and once I got inside the contacts on the test socket were pretty corroded too but managed to clean them with a electronic contact cleaner and the contacts on the faceplate, I tested the test socket too at the time it was raining and dropping the connection many times that day and the same was happening.

My next door neighbour who is also on TalkTalk had the same issue a few weeks/months back and a BT Openreach engineer came out and had to replace the cable from the pole to the property and the main phone socket to cure the neighbours issues and seems I am having the start of the same issue now too, the line doesn't always show noise on the phone but sometimes it does have like static and snaps and crackles when the issue happens, the microfilter was also replaced with a new one as a test and the same would happen and the phone was also removed from the microfilter too as a test to rule out maybe the phone causing the issue, but as stated above it only happens when it rains and as seen in the screenshots from 4.20am when it started raining and I was awake and started to log the problem and as can be seen the minute it starts to rain the Upstream noise safety coefficient (dB) crashes from around 12db when not raining to 1dB and the connection drops and is exactly what happens everytime it rains and then the router/modem will reconnect again and may drop many times more while it is still raining or drop once and remain at lower Upstream noise safety coefficient (dB) until the weather outside drys out and it goes back up to 12dB.

I have made sure no water from outside is getting on the cable and running back into the socket and the cable coming into the property threw the window frame is sealed with silicone sealant so no water can get in. This was exactly what was happening to my next door neighbour at the time he would get drops in the connection and ended up with a bad phone line to the point it stopped getting a phone line and a very very slow ADSL connection that we ran the line checker on and showed a line fault when the phone line died completely in the end and at the time he was having static on the line the phone line test would show no fault. When the BT Openreach engineer came out to repair his line I was there with him as I was the one who ran the line checker for him and had to explain the issues the neighbour was having and the BT Openreach engineer couldn't find a fault at first but of course there was no phone line at one point (sometimes the line seemed to comeback or no line at all) but very slow internet, he checked at the cabinet for a fault and the pole for a loose connection and found nothing but again no phone line, in the end after not finding any faults he decided to replace the cable from the pole to the house and that cured the issue even after checking the cable for breaks he said he couldn't find a break along the cable but it must have a break inside the insulation and then he said the cable was very old and said I had the same cable and would probably need replacing in the future too and the phone socket as again we were both on the old style socket. The faults are very intermittent and only for me happens when it rains, my neighbour's house number is 33 and the rest of the address is same as mine as I am house number 31 as you will see from my details that are on the profile, both our lines come from the same pole to our homes and if you check his history on this issue and the BT Openreach notes, you will see the problem. The fault is coming from outside the property and nothing else I can test inside the property as I have done all the tests and ruled out a bad microfilter, the test socket and the router/modem works fine when not raining and the screenshots above in the main post shows exactly what is happening the minute it rains and why the router/modem disconnects and reconnects when it rains and only does it when it rains on the dot everytime since being on the VDSL, the issue was also there when on the ADSL but the difference is it wouldn't drop the connection totally but the connection would become very slow when it rained, seems VDSL is more sensitive to the line quality when it rains and drops the connection fully and reconnects maybe one time or many times depending how hard it is raining at the time.

The only way to resolve this issue is for a BT Openreach engineer to come to the property and replace the cable from the pole and a new type phone socket. I work in computing and as network security engineer and need this connection to be stable and not fall off everytime it rains and reconnects maybe once or many times till the rain stops and have only been on the fibre 35 VDSL since 9th August, so just over a week now and the issue started to get really noticeable with the disconnects when it rained where before on the ADSL line before the upgrade the connection would become slower until it dried outside and then too when it rained the phone line may show static too, but not always. It's basically a repeat of what happened to my neighbour until it totally killed the phone line, i'm basically my neighbour's tech support and witnessed the whole issues he was having and even did the line tests that arranged for an Openreach engineer to come out the next morning to fix the issue and the funny part when the engineer first came out the phone line was working and while he was testing the line outside and came back in the property to check again he noticed the line had dropped fully and couldn't explain why, then he replaced the cable from the pole to the house and socket and all has been well since.

Chris could you please arrange for an Openreach enginer to visit the property and replace the cable and socket as I don't want to be going back forth with this intermittent fault that only shows up when it rains and of course when the engineer will come out they will find no fault unless it is raining at the time. The issue is exaclty the same as what happened to my neighbour and the only cure was a new cable from the pole to the property and a new socket. I only have the one socket that comes into the property and no extentions or anything else plugged in apart from the phone into the microfilter and the router/modem. I have no powerline adapters or anything else used apart from the talktalk router/modem.

Thanks Chris.


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Hi _Purgatory_,


I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems with your service. We'll need to raise this as a telephone fault, could you confirm that you still hear that noise on the line with the router connected to Test Socket 



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Just to update, it has now been almost 4 hours since the connection dropped and now the Upstream noise safety coefficient (dB):

12 dB again as it has stopped raining for over 2 hours.
Just a screenshot of the connection now it has stopped raining for a good while and seems to have settled to the 12dB upstream it sits at when working normally.
vdsl14 stopped raining.jpg
So there must be water getting in somewhere either at the box on the pole or the cable that comes to the property has cracks/breaks or a bad join allowing water to get in at the pole box or at the BT cabinets. It only ever does it when it rains outside. There is no water getting in at the socket area as I just checked again now, so something outside that is causing the issue.