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Regular disconnects

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I have been having regular disconnects since I switched to Fibre (from TalkTalk ADSL) just after Christmas. These can range from a couple of times a day to having 2-3 days without issue.


I have been through all the line tests, repeatedly, and had two openreach engineer visits which found nothing of any great interest on the line itself. My master box was replaced during one of these visits.

After the second visit some months ago, with everything bar the modem having been checked and/or replaced I was advised the modem was faulty. Since the original modem was apparently a welcome gift I had to replace it myself and duly did with a TP-Link Archer VR2800.

This has not fixed the problem.

It does however provide more interesting diagnostics. I can see that during a loss of service (I run a constant ping test) the line status remains up with the same up/downstream speeds as is normal. During this time the router is trying to renegotiate PPoE which usually takes exactly 5 minutes despite me dropping the echo request interval down somewhat. When trying to work from home it's faster to forcibly drop the connection and let it login again.

Unfortunately there is no joined-up thinking when calling support. Everytime I phone I'm pasted the same boilerplate about plugging into the master socket etc with no reference to the ongoing history with all of this.


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An interesting link thank you though I despair as it is not wholly correct.
My talk talk username and password are not automated. I reconfirmed them last Sunday and they are correct but not automated.
PPPoE max MTU is limited to 1492 due to the header frame. Though alas none of this helps explain days of error free, fast operation punctuated by dropouts.

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Its not really a prerequisite as Talktalk even provide the settings for non TT routers
The world is thinner in some places.

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Demurred, I like that one, I’ll remember that for future use.

Anyway I digress, I am not the end user, just someone who peruses the forums from time to time. The end user had tried the Talktalk modem and got nowhere hence them trying the TP-link one which provides much better diagnostics. I just thought the community support would be a little more friendly.

The problem is with Talktalk support passing the buck when there is a problem thats not on their script list. I have experienced this first hand whilst trying to get the Wifi channels sorted on my own router, in my case I was told the problem doesn’t exist and then being hung up on. Personally the least Talktalk should doing is acknowledging an issue and then sending out a new router, preferably the Huawei one as the Sagemcom Fast 5364 seems quite problematic based on the amount issues I’ve seen on here and then following up on a regular basis.

The world is thinner in some places.

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Note that the previous was response was not mine, though thank you for speaking up.

I didn't realise before signing up that having original equipment was a prereq. I can't exactly demurr as I no longer have it, it's long gone as per the conclusions from TalkTalk of my previous cases.
I was hoping for some kind of discussion to help better understand the authentication layer that TalkTalk VDSL connections go through as OpenReach have repeatedly concluded that the physical layer is clean.
Trying to have this conversation with webchat support has not been very fruitful so far.

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I suggested using a TalkTalk router so that the support team here can help. You demurred. I am not sure what else you would have me say? 


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Wow! ‘That's fine, suit yourself.’ isn’t the sort of answer i would expect on here especially from a ‘community star’ what ever that is.


One of Openreach support questions is often ‘have you tried another router/modem?’ Now to most people this is a ridiculous question, but in this case the end user has so I think they deserve a little more respect in this and certainly more support than the have gotten so far.

The world is thinner in some places.

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That's fine, suit yourself.


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I have binned it seeing as it was written off by TalkTalk.

The logs from the old router always ran like this (cut and pasted from one of my many cases)

12:08:28 30/07/2020 System Notice WAN connection INTERNET_R_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_UNKNOWN)

22:51:42 01/08/2020 System Notice WAN connection INTERNET_R_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_ISP_TIME_OUT)

00:27:50 04/08/2020 System Notice WAN connection INTERNET_R_VID_101:IPv4 connected.

00:26:16 04/08/2020 System Notice DSL connection is active.

00:25:46 04/08/2020 System Notice WAN connection INTERNET_R_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)

00:25:46 04/08/2020 System Notice DSL connection is disactive.

17:16:34 03/08/2020 System Notice WAN connection INTERNET_R_VID_101:IPv4 connected.

17:15:31 03/08/2020 System Notice WAN connection INTERNET_R_VID_101:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_ISP_TIME_OUT)


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You will need to connect your TalkTalk router if you want support here, your alternative router with individual settings won't help.