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Repetitive Cycle

First Timer
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Hi Everyone, 


I'm hoping someone can help me. I have been without internet since Thursday 01/07, in the morning I came down to find the DSL light flashing on my OpenReach modem. Initially, I decided to restart the modem and router, I unplugged it and waited and did all the standard diagnostic processes. I then replaced all the cables in the setup to see whether this might be the issue but still no luck, the DSL light was flash slowly and then quickly and then stop and start that process again. 


As I have to work from home, I really needed this to be sorted but I managed to work in my wifes office for Thursday and Friday, however I contacted TalkTalk customer support to ask whether they could send someone out to have a look. This is where things became unbearably frustrating. 


On Thursday, I was told an engineer would be out on Friday morning to come and look at the issue. We waited at home on Friday morning for someone to arrive and they didn't. I contacted TalkTalk web chat support again and they said that OpenReach had cancelled the appointment, there was an issue identified with the exchange and I would need to wait 24-48 hours for it to be resolved. (I wasn't comfortable with this information but I went along with it) 


Later that day I decided to contact them again as I had a feeling it wasn't the exchange as no one else on my street had been affected by the issue. 


I was then told an engineer would be booked again, and again 30 minutes after it was booked I had a text to say that TalkTalk hoped the engineer appointment went well, I spoke to TalkTalk again and again it had been cancelled without any notification.


My wife then spent all day talking to someone on Twitter about the issue and it was actually just embarrassing, they were trying to ask us to diagnose the issue by turning the router on and off and checking cables, I'd already explained that I had done this on 2 occasions. They then booked an engineer for Monday and guess what, I had the same text again so I went on TalkTalk chat to ask if the engineer was coming and they said they were "100%" AT THE SAME TIME, we spoke to Ram on Twitter and he said it had been cancelled..  and after at least 2 hours of back and forth, we finally had an appointment booked for tomorrow morning.


I've just received the same text again as the last two times and I'm now worried this engineer won't show up and I'm right back where I started. 


A few questions here: 


- Why does TalkTalk web chat support give alternative information than that of the Twitter support team? 

- How can TalkTalk be so powerless when it comes to OpenReach appointments?

- How do I still have no further resolution after 4 days.. 


Hope someone can help.


Alastair Blair 




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Glad to hear, thanks for letting us know.





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Appreciate the reply on this, as it turns out the Engineer did come yesterday morning and the socket was faulty. Back online now.


Support Team
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I'm sorry to hear this. Please can you add your Twitter username to the Private Notes section of your Community Profile and I can escalate this to a senior member of our Twitter Support Team. Please do not post any personal information on the Community.





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When it comes to Openreach network issues Talktalk or any other ISP that use there Network have no real power over what Openrach do and when they do it.


Openreach will have set amount of appointments available to ISPs to book and depending on the actual individual issue could mean the engineer doesn't need to attend  the property but instead completes external work at the Cab, exchange or cables in-between if they are found to be at fault.


I understand your frustration but I assume from what you have said that the appointment is being cancelled as there is a issue in the exchange affecting your service meaning no work done at your property will actually resolve this.


Support staff will be back in the morning and can look over your account to assist with this - Please ensure your details are available within your profile.



Steve -
Have you tried turning it off and on again!