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Replacement hg633 sent same drop out issue

Whizz Kid
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Im afraid I may have best answered my last discussion too premature it would seem despite sending a replacement router to test my issue still persists.


To update, having been very stable since joining fibre 23 months ago I suddenly started to experience random loss of sync dropouts my HG633 would slow over short period of time to 0.3 mbps then lose sync light then reconnect I could at times get a few hours before the next drop out but once they started they came thick fast over period of a week prompting me to seek help here. A test router HG633 was sent to me which I placed on set up an all seemed fine for 24 hours hence best answered my conversation as issue resolved.

Then day 2 with new HG633 router started with exactly the same issue router losing sync before reconnecting or just slowing to unworkable speed 0.03mbps forcing a reboot, at times to fool me will work for  5 to 6 hours fine but once the sync loss happens or slowing down to 0.03 mbps speed they come thick and fast..


Now to add mystery to the plot I have an old HG533 router which I was using when on ADSL I thought was  useless as Im now Fibre but my neighbour has a BT vdsl white box modem which he plugged in attached the HG533 to fibre mode and over the course of several days my connection has been back to solid as a rock, zero  loss of sync, no slowing of speed forcing reboot. I would be happy to leave things at that but he is wanting his white vdsl unit back leaving me with two HG633 units that continually lose sync or simply slow to unworkable speeds.


Im really at a loss to what is going on here, In a previous conversation last week a line test was performed an no fault found, the fact my HG533 router with VDSL modem is working flawless on line over several days there is no issue with line infrastructure. I can only suspect my HG633 that worked flawless the last 7 mths since receiving it to replace a previous faulty router has become faulty and that by chance The HG633 sent out to me last week to test line has also got a fault because it to is acting in exactly the same way.


I simply do not have the money to pay £30 to upgrade to the latest wifi Hub offered to new customers free. I can only ask due to loyalty having been with talktalk since buying tiscali customer base I migrated from tiscali some 10 yrs ago so ask can a latest wifihub rather than HG633 be sent out to test.


Or further assistance be given to resolve this issue


Many thanks I hope for a fast resolution  


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Hi nufclad147,


Ok thanks for the update and please let us know how the connection compares. I've also included a Help Article below in regards to possible engineer charges, it includes further information on when charges would and would not apply.


Engineer charges





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1st Im going to wait futher to monitor stability during wet weather as I had another drop out while out shopping 10am ish this would coincide with a downpour in would rather hold the visit till I can deciver if wetness is a factor in spike of drop outs..


Another concern to this visit is charges ..BTOR seem to have moved the goal posts as far as what is chargeable which is absolutely disgrace. I was on the understanding that any fault beyond master socket is property of BTOR which I simply rent however it seems in the detail that any work to wiring in the garden or to drop wire carried out is chargeable to me ?... This is outrageous as I only rent the line not own it. Surely this can not be right?


So yes id rather wait so I can investigate if I a spike in drop outs during wet weather..


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Hi nufclad147,


I'm sorry to hear this. Our Network Team have advised that the next step would be to arrange a BTOR engineer visit so I'm just sending you a Personal Message to confirm some details.


Please do not post any personal information on the Community, reply via Personal Message (PM) only.





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I have since Thurs may 23 been observing line performance on the 3 routers in my possession, my 7 mth old 633 router longest uptime i achieved was approx 12 hours then a drop out occurred  followed by about 5 in an 1 hour period, once router re-syncs I had full 36mbps for  a short period before slowing to snail pace then loss of sync, I simply got fed up and  removed router to the 633 sent out to me to test line aproox 2 weeks ago


Again this 633 router seemed to be stable for a few hours before suffering a drop followed by  multiple drop outs in an hour with the same  slowing of speed gradually between dropouts. One thing to note the sudden flood of drop puts on an hour period seem to start when it rained heavily outside.. So although its relatively dry today I shall keep an eye out on that aspect of things. At the point this 2nd 633 router started to drop out multiple times in an hour I switched to the DSL3782 early Monday morn this the 2nd unit sent out by talktalk last week to test with ..


Having set up the DSL3782 I retired to bed so wasn't able to observe any immediate drop outs but looking in units web interface upon waking with an uptime of only 2 hours I knew at least one drop out must of occured during my sleep period and with one more drop out since taking the count to at least two in 12 hour period. I currently at time of writing this reply have an uptime of 6hr 33 mins 


I will continue to use DSL3782 as out of the 3 routers it seems the more stable and I will observe line performance during wet weather although only light rain is expected for next for days. 


I await any response or advice  from network team 



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Hi nufclad147,


I've raised this to our network team for further investigation, can you bump the thread tomorrow and we'll check for updates




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It would seem using the 2nd router sent out to me that been the DSL3782 has made no different to random drop outs I'm experiencing every couple of hours. I've really scaled back my network infrastructure connected to router for testing removing Ethernet switches as I prefer wired to wifi.


My test set up sees Router/s placed direct into test socket of master box with direct ethernet lead connection to router from 1 talktalk tv box 1 homeplug, this homeplug feeds the paired homeplug in bedroom connected to a 2nd talktalk tv box, all other devices which I opted to use over ethernet with use of ethernet multi port switches prior to my issue which worked fine for months now connect over wifi..these are 1 laptop, two smart tv, a tablet, android smart tv box. Smart phone.


So just like my own HG633 and the HG633 sent out last week this DSL3782 router will regulary drop connection with a red internet light with blinking broadband green light it then takes about 1 min before internet led  turns back to green an connection is re established, the broadband light is then back to steady green.  


Really now at a loss to what is going on considering I twice had HG533 + borrowed BT VDSL Modem on my full network set up with ethernet switch + homeplugs and remained solidly stable with no dropouts 3 days plus on both occasion, yet with both HG633 AND DSL3782 all suffer dropouts.


Using this HG533 is not an option due to having to give my neighbor the BT VDSL Modem back.


I think this may have to be escalated to line team



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Hi nufclad147


The DSL3782 router is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.






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Yes please do I live in hope that I this will put an end to my issue.


Support Team
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Hi nufclad147


Apologies for this.


The line tests are not detecting any issues.


I think we should send a DSL3782 router for testing to see how the connection compares. Would you like me to arrange this?