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Request for to start new conversation re vpn

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I have been requested by OCE to start a new conversation about VPN. I've had over 18 mths issue with Talktalk trying to get a credible answer about exactly why Talk Talktalk have block VPN with their routers given the nature of how people work nowadays . It does make sense that a so called market leading telecommunication company should do something like this that has such a major impact on remote workers and particular may have an even greater impact on those with disabilities,  those with caring responsibilities and those living in more remote area or who work internationally off site based. Furthermore it's of great concern that you get such inconsistent messages about the whole VPN. I wonder if your CEO knows of this fault and issue is it right is it legal to refuse people need to work securely by blocking VPN? About 18 mths a go I needed a new router and was sent one and found that I could no longer connect to my work network after hrs and hrs on the phone with talktalk with no understanding of the issue. My work IT department informed me that a number of colleagues had reported issues with VPN with talk talk router which appear to have now been designed not to accept VPN...TalkTalk have not since then and until now been able to give me a credible reason on why this had it a specification fault or has this been deliberately requested in the design of new routers and if so why? My work IT department said I had to go back to my old style router which I did and this appeared to be working until recently when it wasn't. I upgraded to super fibre....only to find it is actually slower that the standard and we literally have had no internet access for more than 3 weeks ...every connection is out of we are having to use our mobile phone data and hotspot to access internet at home ....and this is becoming costly as we need extra data. I was sent a new router with super fibre though assured I didn't need to use it as I can't risk a change on router to impact on VPN  not that this matters currently because as I say we have literally no internet. So I've spent over 10 hrs this week on the phone to talk talk about issues and again raise the VPN question only to be told that talk talk do not support VPN and does not plan to support it. ...period !!... But if I want I can go to the online community who know how to override this!! ....that doesn't make sense either you support or don't support VPN. So imagine my surprise to read messages from Karl and Debbie saying Talk Talk do support VPN and saying this in face of a number of customers saying you've got a problem connections via VPN is not working for us, for me. I am more that frustrated but particularly because of the lack of a response to this matter some 18 months later...all routers need to accept VPN ...when you request a new router even if you try and specify the only one that might accept VPN you're told it's pot luck 're whether you get it and now I've upgraded I too frighten to plug in my new router as I don't know if it will accept VPN. 


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Hi Suels,


We don't block VPN but unfortunately we can't guarantee that all our router will work perfectly with every VPN client


There are no known VPN issues, as far as I'm aware, with your current router  - what happens when you try to connect to your VPN? Do you get any error message?