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Reversed house move =Lost customer

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I'll keep this as succinct as I can. 


Due to situ out of my control, I cancelled a move of my broadband from my current to a new address. The agent at the time of the cancellation didn't inform me of any of the following ramifications.


Now apparently, I'm no longer a current talk talk fibre customer (modem flashing two lights, wifi doesn't work), I've lost my old phone number and now have to undergo a new credit check, get a new number and generally be treated like a figure on a whiteboard in Durban somewhere (the staff there need a LOT of training).


I've been with talktalk 7 years, never missed a bill. I am happy to extend my contract, but would like to see normal service resume if at all possible.


Thank you! (currently tethering from a phone)


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Hi @gazh1983


Unfortunately the service has disconnected, from what I can see the agent cancelled the pending provide to the new property, but failed to stop the cancellation on the current line. 


The only way to reconnect the service is to place a new order as a new customer.


I appreciate that this is not Ideal, my only other suggestion would be to follow our complaints procedure


Sorry again. 



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Just bumping this. Would be nice to get confirmation either way. I just asked for house move of services then for that to be cancelled, not the whole account. 


UPDATE - After bounced yet again to South Africa, my account has been cancelled. I was not made aware of this, I merely requested a cancellation of the house move. As a result 7 year loyal customer is now going elsewhere. 



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Hi @gazh1983 your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear during the day. 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.