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Router connection drops multiple times a day

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Hi there,

I'm getting increasingly more frustrated with a problem we're experiencing at home. My wife uses a Windows 10 HP Desktop and at some point last year started reporting that her internet connection just dropped, Facebook, Gmail, Browsing, etc. It appears that three or maybe four times a day this would happen. I am upstairs working on my laptop and I don't notice it.

The difference between us is that she is generally looking at things online whereas I have only occasional need of connectivity, so perhaps I don't even notice. It's not preventing her from doing things by being out of service for hours at a time but it's disruptive as it strikes right in the middle of important things which is perhaps just worse.

We eventually said screw it, and we moved her over to a wired connection and maybe her Windows 10 drivers and Wireless were just rubbish. Excellent, a wired connection can't go wrong. No, same issue. It's not wireless that's the issue. Her OS is updated and I can't see that it's her Desktop that suddenly decides not to connect all the time.

This is just getting more and more frustrating, I've started noticing drops in the network from my wireless laptop I've just been through to support on chat who have said that the connection from the Talk Talk end seems reliable. So all I can guess now is that it's the router.

My first thought is should we upgrade the firmware? It appears that the SG4K10002808t is the latest and that's what we're on. How do I just get a replacement router as this is driving us crazy. I've even looked at changing our contract to get a new router and I am being told it will cost us £30 for a new router. We haven't had good service if the router is at fault and surely we should get new hardware at some pre-defined interval because it will become outdated eventually or will overtime become faulty?

Any ideas or help is appreciated :S



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Hi @hampshirehog


I will post on your thread shortly.






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This has been happening to me regularly for some years.   I switched to fibre (FTTC) as advised by TT but this made no difference to the occasional loss of connectivity.   I have had routers replaced with monotonous regularity when I insist on making my complaint formal and getting a complaint number.   When this fault occurs the ethernet remains connected but the internet signal being carried is cut off, sometimes for a brief minute or so but occasionally for much longer periods.   I have lost count the number of visits I have had from TT's Bright Sparks and from Open Reach engineers.  The last engineer decided it was my telephones causing the problem despite that the previous engineer had upgraded the boxes and circuits and he then completely rewired the system again.   And it still happens.   A quick PING test shows a dead connectivity or a very slow connectivity.   I used to wonder how often this happened when I didn't notice it but now my smart new heating system emails me when connectivity is lost.  Reporting the fault to the Manila call centre is hopeless as the willing operators don't have a clue what I am telling them and go through the same scripted procedure of testing the line every time rather then listening and looking at my file.  Result??  To get any action I must make a formal complaint, get a complaints number and then wait to be told I will be sent a new router.


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Hi RobL


Apologies for this.


Can you please update your community profile to include your:

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