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Router constantly resetting

Shifty Geezer
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This is a post for prosperity for anyone else facing a resetting router and searching for advice.


For two days, my router was constantly resetting. It would suddenly lose connection, the wifi network disappearing from all devices, and the router went through a power cycle of orange lights and white lights. In the admin panel, the up-time kept resetting. So it was clearly an issue with the router's behaviour.


I spent considerable time seeking help and got none, notably just wanting to know whether this was indicative of a hardware fault which you'd expect (which meant I could fix it buying a new router), or something else; is it even possible that a line fault can keep resetting the router? TalkTalk found no line faults and got as far as 'well need to send an engineer' - they didn't answer my question of "is it even possible for a line fault to cause router resets?"


Well coincidentally, Openreach were outside in the road while I was answering daft questions on TalkTalk support chat ("I see you reset your router recently. Why was this?") and ever since Openreach had finished, the router has been a lot more stable - I haven't experienced a drop out although I do see router uptime indicates it reset in the middle of the night.


So it turns out that something in the telecoms hardware outside the home can cause routers to reset, and whatever this fault is, it doesn't show up in a basic line test. So if you've come across this problem with your router acting like it's been powered on/off, get on to TalkTalk and try to get them past their pointless "have you plugged things in the right socket" questions to actually address the real issue. If you're thinking you need a new router while TalkTalk seem to be wasting your time with talk about sending engineers out, the engineers might actually be the solution so go ahead with that.


The support phone number seems useless because it just takes you to an automated system that just runs a line test, although it may be a follow up phone-call will get you through to a person. I did ask if the phone line behaviour changed on a follow up call but got no answer (You may notice a pattern of no-one every answering a straight question 😉). Online chat worked in the end, although each chat session was killed when the router reset, so it was a significant chore telling each and every support agent exactly the same thing. But it can be done if you persevere. I think stability is higher when less people are accessing the internet so try chat in the morning or afternoon. I couldn't sustain any internet in the evening. You could also use mobile internet (3G/4G) to access chat.


Hopefully this post will find its way into search results and share this simple bit of info that isn't readily communicated - a resetting router may not be faulty and it can actually be a problem in the telecoms hardware requiring an Openreach engineer to sort out.