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Router issues and low speed after Fibre 65 upgrade

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I have recently extended my contract and upgraded to the fibre 65 but did not receive the free wifi hub that is meant to be on offer with this package.


I am still only receiving download speeds of around 35mbps which was the same on the previous fibre 35 package, despite our upgrade and price increase.


Our old router (HG633) fails to establish a connection in several rooms in the house including the entire upstairs and the speeds have not improved post upgrade even when stood right next to the router.


Could we please be sent a replacement black WiFi hub as is supposed to be standard with the Fibre 65 package? 




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Hi @cfrazher,


When you upgrade you will not normally be sent a new router unless your existing router does not support the package you are upgrading to.


Have you checked the sync speed that you are getting on your router. If this has increased to speeds of over 40mbps then have you tried switching the router off for over 30 minutes, then when you switch it back on it will start a new 'session' in the street cabinet, this can sometimes help get your speed test results up to something closer to the sync speed.


The TalkTalk staff on this community will also be able to help, they will hopefully be able to respond to this post within two or three working days. You may get faster support from the live chat or by phoning up during opening hours.


If the staff did think there was a problem with your current router they would be able to arrange a replacement for you.

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Thank you for your reply.


I have checked the sync speed and even that is only reaching around 42mbps each time I look.


I have now reset the router and left it off for over half an hour as advised, but the speed has not been affected.


The main issue is still that there is no connection possible in some parts of the house, which is probably the range of the router, and I would like to test it with a WiFi Hub, as is supposed to be standard with the fibre 65 deal that I'm on.

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Hi cfrazher


Apologies for the delay.


I have ordered you a replacement router, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection/speed compares with this router.





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Thanks Debbie,


We have received the Wi-Fi hub but the problems with range in parts of the house have continued.


This week we had a Talk Talk engineer come in (report number SA2475153) who agreed that whilst the speed coming into the house was 42mbps, which is okay but below expectation for the fibre 65 plan, there was still a problem with the WIFI's range getting around the house. With myself and my daughter working at home this is proving to be a real issue, as she is even having to tether her phone and use 4G data rather than connect to the Wi-Fi, as there are so many outages and drops in speed.


The engineer said that we need a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Extender Kit in order to get the speed coming into the house upstairs and in all of the rooms where it is required. Can we please be sent one of these to test if this will get rid of the problem?


I have been a customer with TalkTalk for many years now, but this situation is rapidly becoming unworkable and I may have to look into a service with another ISP that can guarantee me coverage in every room of the house.


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Hi cfrazher


Thanks for your reply.


In regards to the WIFI extender, have you had a look at our accessories store


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Hi Debbie,


Yes we have seen the WiFi extender kits available, could we please be sent one so we can test if this will be solution to our problem and enable us to get the coverage across our house that we are already paying for. The engineer did not have one with him so he could not check and could only speculate that this would be the solution.


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Hi cfrazher


Thanks for your reply.


Ok, I've ordered the WIFI extenders for testing, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Please let us know how you get on.






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We received the extender following your post however unfortunately it has had minimal effect on both the range and speed of our connection.


Regularly we are seeing results like below - which was taken in the same room as the router.


I am also annoyed that TalkTalk charged us for an engineer call out when the individual (number cited in previous post on this thread) found that there was a problem with the range and speed within the house. Could you please direct me to how I can get this charge refunded? As it was made clear to me that engineer call out fees are only paid if they cannot find any fault when they visit.


Unfortunately it seems that we are running out of options to improve this service and I'm going to have to look at other providers who can guarantee at least a workable speed in the house.











Support Team
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Hi cfrazher,


I'm sorry to hear this. Would you like me to raise this as a complaint and request for our Tech Complaints Team to contact you directly to discuss this further?





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Yes please, my details are on my profile


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I've raised a complaint over to our Tech Team now and requested that you are contacted as soon as possible.





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The router won't help. I'm experiencing the same issue and I've been sent the WiFi hub black. It's like there is a cap on my speed. I've a bright spark engineer coming today seems to me though the issue is the fibre 65 package it's faulty and is not ready for use


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This is becoming a bit of a joke now.


The technical team did contact us and told us there was a fault on the line and a BT engineer would be coming to the house.


For a period of around 10 working days we were then contacted every day to be told the engineer had not turned up and would come the next day. They still haven't.


We were then rung by another member of the TalkTalk team who said that they could not identify a fault while we had our current router (the WiFI hub black we were sent earlier in this thread) and needed another type of router which we have since received, a super wifi hub. We were told to set this up when we received it on Tuesday 4th May and that TalkTalk would follow up on Thursday 6th May. They still haven't called.


We are still experiencing outages and periods of high ping as illustrated previously. Really at a loss as what to do next as we can't get any proper communications or solution despite being told by TalkTalk that there is a fault on the line.


If further advice and sorting out a solution could be accelerated that would be greatly appreciated otherwise we will have to go to another ISP. Its near impossible to work from home with the internet going down for 20-30 minute periods at random, and this customer query has now dragged out for months, as is visible in this thread, as I suppose TalkTalk stall for time.


Despite their efforts this complaint was started well within the 30 day period of taking out the new Wifi 65 plan and therefore we are entitled to cancel if TalkTalk continue to obstruct what seems like a simple solution given the fault on the line they have told us about.





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I've has this issue and let me tell you that your router is fine there is no fault on your line, the issue is fibre 65. You need to find out if your exchange box is capable of bringing you the speeds your promised. Don't back down from TT do what I did and raise a complaint with the manager. I managed to downgrade back to fibre 35 and guess what all the issues magically disappeared.