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Router still not delivered

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The engineer has been to my house and I am now live....but I'm still waiting for my router to arrive and its been a week plus by now. Please can somebody help me or advise what I need to do...the customer services helpline is completely useless and pointless...nobody is getting through. I need help and I'm paying for a service I'm not receiving. I feel like cancelling the whole thing and going elsewhere. Can anybody help???


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@mylittleangelyellow , I have re-escalated your original thread.


Posting again on the same matter creates unnecessary work and delays TT staff reaching other customers. 


Wait for them to reply. At least two of your threads are already in the workflow. 


I am removing personal details like addresses from display in your previous threads.


Personal information should only be added in FORUM PROFILE.  


Further details may be added there in PRIVATE NOTES. 


Hope that's a little clearer for you. Further posting before you receive a reply from TT staff pushes you back in the queue!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.