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I had TalkTalk and had a problem with the internet and talktalk said I needed to move from cabinet 3 to cabinet 17 which should have been done on the 19th Sep but SOMEONE at TALKTALK cancelled my account, I then phoned TALKTALK and was told my account would go live on the 4th Oct but once again TALKTALK cancelled my account, Then I talked with TALKTALK again and was told my account would go live on the 5Th November and a Open Reach Tech would come and check everything out which this time he did and got me connected, I've always told TALKTALK I wanted what was on my OLD account as I've been with TALKTALK for many years and so far I've still got CRAP INTERNET CONNECTION when I know I should be on OVER 40Meg D/L and OVER 10Meg U/L which OPENREACH have told be I should be on BUT TALKTALK keeps messing my account up. I've been OFF the PHONE and Internet for around 6 week's and now talktalk has messed my account up and only put me on Fast Broadband and I should have been on FASTER FIBRE BROADBAND with ANYTIME CALLS and FREE Mobile sim but my account is totally messed up  can someone who knows what they are doing get this sorted as talktalk are REALLY CRAP at customer service I would not even rate TALKTALK customer Service a 1 I would give -10


Why was my post marked as spam ????


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Thank's Chris I hope someone contact's me because at the moment I DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING TT SAY'S UNTIL IT HAPPENS, TT has screwed my account up and I've still not got the packages I had before they screwed it up so still not happy.

If I get No call today I will post here hoping you guy's can get something sorted for me and get me on the same packages I had before having my account cancelled by TT


Support Team
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Hi classic,


As you have an open complaint with our CEO's office I'll leave you in their capable hands, if you discuss any issues you have with your Complaint Manager when they call they should be able to help, apologies again for any inconvenience.



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Hi Chris

I've contacted the CEO of Complaints UK of TT and waiting for a phone call tomorrow I hope, I still need to get my PACKAGE sorted with Faster Fibre Broadband and so far Customer Service are So CRAP on TT they have NO IDEA what they are doing so I need someone to step up and get my package as it was 4 months ago Faster Fibre with what addon's I had connected to my account before TT messed my account up, THAT'S ALL I CAN WISH FOR AT XMAS but we all know there is no Father Xmas so I suppose I'll still have these problems for a Long Long time who knows, BUT IT NEEDS SORTING, 

Someone said TT doesn't have a say at what cabinet I get put on, I know that and that's why OP tech put me on to cabinet 17 from cabinet 3 they knew there was a problem there and it only took 20mins to change everything, pity TT customer Service isn't any way shape or form like that OP tech or everything would be working not just with ME but every other TT customer who has loads of problems.


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Hi classic,


I'm really sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue. I can see that you have an open complaint, have you discussed this with your complaint manager?



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Thanks for a Reply

I was on Faster Fibre before 19th Sep but the speed was around 13 to 16 Meg then my internet went down to 6 Meg I was told I would get a New Router which I did and still the speed was around the 6 Meg I then had an Openreach guy come and said there was NO problem my end, the problem was at cabinet 3 I was told by the Openreach guy that I would have to be moved to cabinet 17 and my speed would be over 40 Meg D/L and Over 10 Meg U/L so on the 19th Sep when I was supposed to be put on cabinet 17 TT cancelled my account and NO INTERNET AND NO PHONE, so I contacted TT and was told I would be reconnected on the 4th Oct BUT once again the 4th Oct came and YOU guessed it NO INTERNET AND NO PHONE I contacted TT and was told I would be connected on the 5th Nov and I would have a OPENREACH guy come and sort it out YES he did  and said everything was working it only took him 20 mins to move me from cabinet 3 to cabinet 17 and I'd already talked to another Tech who was working at cabinet 17 and was told by Her that if I was on cabinet 17 which has loads of spaces because it was new and only a few places had been installed so far I would get over 40 Meg D/L and Over 10 Meg U/L, So since the 5th Nov my internet has been anything from 1 meg or less up to 6 meg which I know is ok because the line get's checked and updated with in 10 to 14 day's BUT my internet was very very slow today so I contacted TT AND WAS TOLD I COULDN'T GET FASTER FIBRE WHICH TO ME IS BS, I've had FASTER FIBRE for YEARS and TT has messed my account up 3 Times,I've now lost my Phone number we have had for about 20 years or more, My internet is SO slow and we have had NO PHONE OR INTERNET FOR AROUND 6 WEEKS BECAUSE TT MESSED UP MY ACCOUNT, I still have 1 more phone number added to my account which should not be there and on my account at the moment it say's ( Your Fast Broadband order has been cancelled. ) so if my internet is cancelled how come I'm posting here from the account with TT, I'm sure all the TT support operator had to do was look at my old account from before 19th Sep and they would have seen all my details showing I had Faster Fibre with extras and that's what I wanted back, But most just read a script and have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING, So hopefully the Tech's on here can understand MY FRUSTRATION of having BS internet speeds and NO ONE HAVING ANY IDEA WHAT TO DO OR HOW TO SORT THINGS OUT, So many people are leaving TT because of there CRAP SUPPORT so any help before I move to another provider who might be able to get things sorted with support in the UK not AFRICA OR ASIA, YES that's where I've been talking to with support and the connection have been really CRAP and you can't hear or understand them.


Last time I Renewed MY Contract I was supposed to be on 38 Meg D/L so why am I being told I cannot go on Faster Fibre Now ??? BS I think.


6 WEEKS of problems and was offered 1 months FREE TT BRILL EH!



Wise Owl
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As far as I'm aware TT (or their customers) have no say over what cabinet you connect to, it is entirley down to OR.


You need an OCE to look into this not least because you are talking specifics about your account, which I'm sure they will do when they pick your posts up in the morning.


To be honest, and I mean no offence because you are obviously frustrated by whatever's happened, but your original post is quite difficult to follow. I had to read it several times and I'm still not sure what's happened when, what you are getting d/l wise or what you think you should be getting. That may perhaps be why the bot marked it as spam.




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I've now been told by someone at TALKTALK and this is what they just posted to me ( I feel sorry for you. I perfectly agree that you had Fibre, it just so happen that there is no fibre slot for you. ) what planet are you guy's on ???? TALKTALK messed my account up and I've had NO PHONE OR INTERNET for around 6 week's, Only compensation if we get it is 1 months free internet and so far crap internet once again and talktalk doing noting to get things sorted