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Sagecom FAST 5364 changing channels regardless of manual channel selected

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Hello, i have been on this router for a while now, I have notice the internet speeds have been a bit rubbish lately, however after ive experimented with the different channels manually and i have found a channel that is best for the internet speeds and ive checked the other channel usage in the area and its clear, however the router seems to change channel regardless of the one i have selected being the best one, i have looking on the forum for a answer and apparently its the internet optimisation program, i would like to have this switched off please, many thanks


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Hi TomasW


No problem 🙂






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Will do, thank you so much!!

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Hi TomasW


I'm really sorry for the delay.


The WIFI optimisation has now been switched off, please let us know how the connection compares.






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Exactly what i need turned off as its been causing problems with everyone on the network as the speeds have been so low that its starting to get in the way of online learning which isn't good at all, many thanks.

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Hi @TomasW,


Yep, the Sagemcom Wi-Fi Hub has a feature called 'Wi-Fi Optimisation', and it means that at some random time (minutes, hours or days) after you change the channel, it might change it to one it thinks is better (but in reality might not be better at all).


The staff here can disable the 'Wi-Fi Optimisation' on your router, once that is done it will stay on whatever channel you manually select, they will hopefully be able to respond to this post within two or three working days.