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Sagecom router firmware upgrade from SG4K10002816t

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Can I ask for a router firmware update please?


I have a Talktalk Sagecom router and I'm on Firmware Version: SG4K10002816t

I have lost connection about once a day for many months. Turning the router off and on normally fixes it but this is very frustrating and is impacting my work as I work from home and need to rely on it.


I've read there can be DNS issues with this firmware version and my router error log mentions DNS errors.


Cheers, Nick


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Hi nifortescue


Thanks for letting us know 🙂




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A follow-up in case it's helpful for other users in the same position: Updating the firmware on my router solved my problems. 
One month later and i've only had to reset my router once, rather than every day. 
Thanks a lot talktalk tech team and volunteers 🙂

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Hi Nick


I'm just sending you a Private Message.





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Hi Nick


No problem, I will post back here as soon as I've spoken to them 🙂



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Thanks Debbie that would be very helpful 🙂

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Hi Nick


It could be a few weeks.


I will speak to our Products Team today and try and get a timescale.




Debbie 🙂

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Hi Skynet


Thanks for explaining - I hadn't realised you weren't a talktalk employee. That's really great that you dedicate your own time to helping others. 



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Hi Debbie


Thanks for letting me know. I suppose having some rough idea of timing would be helpful in making that decision. Are we talking days or weeks or months do you think?

I've been dealing with the issue for over half a year at this point and i'm trying to finally get it wrapped up before my wife strangles me for "doing nothing about it" 😉 


Thanks! 🙂


Support Team
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Hi Nick


Welcome to the Community 🙂


Our Products Team are currently rolling out new FW in batches, which should resolve the DNS issue.


I can't say for certain when yours will be updated but the team are doing the updates every night.


Would you prefer to wait for the firmware update or would you like me to send a Huawei WIFI hub?

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Hi @nifortescue,


When you use the 'Live Chat' or call the customer support phone number you will often speak to people who are not particularly technical, they are able to help with a lot of issues, but if the issue you have is not a common one that they have a set procedure for it can end up being quite frustrating.


The staff here on the community do have lots of technical knowledge, and it is therefore often much better to come here for help, the only thing is that the staff here only work normal office hours, so you may have to wait a little longer to get a response. There are also a group of us called 'Community Stars' (myself included), we are just customers like yourself, but we spend time on this community trying to help out where we can, and can often provide guidance and advice outside of the hours that the staff are working.


If the issue that you have is that the router LED remains solid white, but your devices lose internet access, and a router reboot fixes it, then it is quite likely you are suffering from this known DNS issue, the new firmware should resolve that. I'm not sure if the staff here will be able to allow your router to 'jump the queue' and get updated early, if not and this is causing you problems then they may be able to offer a replacement router of a different type that is not affected by this issue, but either way they will hopefully be able to respond tomorrow to assist.


Do you have both 'wired' and 'wireless' devices, if so does the issue affect both ?

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Thank you for the quick reply, it is really appreciated.

I've only just found this forum and am very impressed at the responses and technical knowledge of the staff. I must say it appears to be a polar opposite of the experience I have had on the Talktalk customer service phone line. Is it really the same company??
I spent literally 2 hours on the phone the other day and after all that time the agent had done literally nothing technical other than a line test. It was the most frustrating thing ever and made me lose faith in talktalk. It seems like the agent had no idea about this forum or that she had any tech help in her team. She refused to pass me to anyone technical or to a manager 8 times in a row. Really bizarre. 

So I really appreciate you guys on here seem to know what you're talking about technically and actually listen to the customer's specific issues. I will gladly accept a firmware update (or any other solution that solves my issue) tomorrow if that's possible. I will leave my router on 24/7 and please let me know if I can do anything to help 🙂



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Hi @nifortescue,


The new firmware is being rolled out at the moment, it is being updated for batches of customers at a time and will install automatically overnight. So hopefully your router should auto upgrade fairly soon.


Although if this is causing you serious issues the staff here may be able to offer more help, they will hopefully be able to respond to this post tomorrow.