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Sagem Fast 5364 & TP Link Powerlines - incompatibility issues? frequent drop outs.

Team Player
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I'm having real problems with my Faster fibre dropping out many times a day, particularly when streaming.


It's rare to get through a YouTube video or iPlayer programme now without it suddenly buffering for a minute or so every half hour or so.


It happened a bit before with my old TalkTalk router but since upgrading to faster fibre and the new Sagem Fast 5364 router it has been a lot worse.


I thought it was an issue with my TP link 8630P Powerlines but now I'm not so sure.


It's got to the point where I have now turned off all the Wi-Fi from my router and am just relying on the Wi-Fi from my Powerline 8630P to give any kind of reasonably stable connection to my devices.


Even my 4k fire tv stick connected via ethernet from the Powerlines would drop connection and result in constant situations where it is buffering yet shows a reasonable connection speed yet no buffer nor network activity. This was the same whether connected via Wi-Fi or ethernet and other devices dropped out at the same time so it's not the fire tv stick.


I've tried numerous combination of things including: -


1) Finding uncongested channels via the Acrylic Wi-Fi app and changing to them

2) Turning off one or both channels of the router or the powerlines and adjusting power outputs.

3) Changing the powerlines to low power mode to reduce interference.

4) Splitting the Wi-Fi into 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels.

5) Changing the Powerlines to a static IP as it seemed to be acting as a DHCP server and was conflicting with the router.

6) Reserving IP addresses on the router.


Plus loads of other things, over several months which I can't even remember now!


Everything I could think of or Google basically but all still result in an unstable connection where either my Wi-Fi security cameras or my smart plugs and devices or iPad or iPhone drop connection more than a few times per day.


My router is on software version: SG4K10002816t
With hardware version: FAST5364 3.00

If that helps.


I'm wondering if there's maybe some kind of incompatibility between these Powerlines and this Sagem router?


I contacted TP link but their tech support offered no support or advise as the devices are just out of warranty, so I'm hoping please that I have more luck with you.


Many thanks.




Whizz Kid
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Have you got the TP-Link's plugged directly into mains sockets as they are unreliable in extensions.


Have you got something plugged into the TP-Links, maybe causing interference. Or could be your house wiring.


I have 2 TP-Link WPA7510 adapters and 2 BT adapters working together (3 in the house one in the shed 45ft from the router and the same router as you and don't have any problems. I didn't give the adapters IP addresses I just paired them.


Just a thought.