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Sagem Fast 5364 & TP Link Powerlines - incompatibility issues? frequent drop outs.

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I'm having real problems with my Faster fibre dropping out many times a day, particularly when streaming.


It's rare to get through a YouTube video or iPlayer programme now without it suddenly buffering for a minute or so every half hour or so.


It happened a bit before with my old TalkTalk router but since upgrading to faster fibre and the new Sagem Fast 5364 router it has been a lot worse.


I thought it was an issue with my TP link 8630P Powerlines but now I'm not so sure.


It's got to the point where I have now turned off all the Wi-Fi from my router and am just relying on the Wi-Fi from my Powerline 8630P to give any kind of reasonably stable connection to my devices.


Even my 4k fire tv stick connected via ethernet from the Powerlines would drop connection and result in constant situations where it is buffering yet shows a reasonable connection speed yet no buffer nor network activity. This was the same whether connected via Wi-Fi or ethernet and other devices dropped out at the same time so it's not the fire tv stick.


I've tried numerous combination of things including: -


1) Finding uncongested channels via the Acrylic Wi-Fi app and changing to them

2) Turning off one or both channels of the router or the powerlines and adjusting power outputs.

3) Changing the powerlines to low power mode to reduce interference.

4) Splitting the Wi-Fi into 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels.

5) Changing the Powerlines to a static IP as it seemed to be acting as a DHCP server and was conflicting with the router.

6) Reserving IP addresses on the router.


Plus loads of other things, over several months which I can't even remember now!


Everything I could think of or Google basically but all still result in an unstable connection where either my Wi-Fi security cameras or my smart plugs and devices or iPad or iPhone drop connection more than a few times per day.


My router is on software version: SG4K10002816t
With hardware version: FAST5364 3.00

If that helps.


I'm wondering if there's maybe some kind of incompatibility between these Powerlines and this Sagem router?


I contacted TP link but their tech support offered no support or advise as the devices are just out of warranty, so I'm hoping please that I have more luck with you.


Many thanks.




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Thanks Chris,


Yes please then! I'll give it a go and hope that I have more luck with the Huawei.


My other half is working remotely at the moment so thanks for letting us test this one while keeping the other, as she needs daily connection for work.






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Hi Neil,

The Huawei is actually a slightly more recent model but it's sort of irrelevant as they are very similar. You can keep hold of the Sagemcom until you've tested with the Huawei and keep whichever one you prefer and send the other back - would you like me to order the Huawei for you?


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Thanks Chris.


Will I have the option of going back to the Sagemcom one if this Huawei one doesn't prove any better as I believe it to be an older model? Do I have to send the current one back before I receive the new test one?








Support Team
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Hi Neiljd,


We can send the Huawei hub which is very similar, is this OK?



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Thanks Chris!


I'd definitely like to try another router to test with but if possible would like to try a different model other than the current Sagecom Fast 5364 one.


Having said that we did pay extra for the Sagecom wifi hub when we upgraded to the faster 75Mbps package so I don't want to downgrade to a potentially inferior/ older model so do you have any that are equivalent or better specs than the Fast 5364 one that we could test with?


My fire tv stick lost connection again last night via ethernet as below and the wifi died at the same time. So not sure what's going on!. 


Thanks again!




Reports "No network connection issues"Reports "No network connection issues"Yet again, connection speed, network activity and buffer health all drop to pretty much nothing.Yet again, connection speed, network activity and buffer health all drop to pretty much nothing.




Support Team
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Hi Neiljd,


I can see that all wifi channels are congested but this doesn't explain why your Ethernet connection is dropping. We can send another router to test with, would you like us to arrange this?


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I have asked one of TalkTalk's OCEs to pick your thread up and investigate it for you.

They aim to respond within 48 hours (Monday - Friday), but if more urgent you can always try the Service Centre. The posts are responded to in time/date order, oldest first. Please try to avoid posting on here until TalkTalk have responded to you, otherwise, this will just put you further down the queue.

To save yourself time, please make sure that your community profile includes your first & last names, broadband phone number & if possible an alternative contact number. This can be done by clicking on your Avatar picture then click on "My Settings" followed by:-

Personal Profile > Personal Information

Otherwise, TalkTalk will not be able to tie up your forum username to your broadband account. Only you & TalkTalk have visibility of your details.

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Well although the wi-fi connection seems to be a little more stable with these changes, it doesn't really explain why other devices (primarily my fire tv stick) are dropping out when connected via ethernet through the powerlines.


Yet again over the bank holiday weekend it kept loosing connection and buffering again, whether on BBC iplayer, Amazon Prime movies or YouTube (as below) despite the fire tv stick itself reporting "No problems with internet".


Does anyone else have any other ideas as to why this ethernet connection would keep dropping please?


YouTube - No connectionYouTube - No connectionYouTube - Network error.YouTube - Network error.






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Thank Keith.


Unfortunately that printer isn't mine so I can't do anything about that.


I will try your recommendations and see what results I get.


I may also buy a 5Ghz dongle for my PC to see what kind of stats I get for that band.






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Is the HP direct M281 Laserjet printer on channel 11 yours? This (at least I think it is this network), keeps bursting through on the signal strength graph.


If it is, disable this & connect the printer to your router. If it isn't yours, then you seem to be on a hiding to nothing with your 2.4GHz band. Your best hope is to move the Sagemcom to channel 11 & disable it on the TP-Link. Currently, the signal from the TP-Link has only a 10dB separation from the network below it and if the Sagemcom is left on 6, that suffers interference from another network on channel 3.

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Ok, thanks Keith.


I have set the Sagecom to channel 6 and the Powerlines to channel 11.


All bandwidths still at 20MHz on Powerlines and router.


Please see below updated stats after wifi opt disabled: -


Thanks Again 👍



2.4 GHz - wifi opt disabled2.4 GHz - wifi opt disabledSignal strength Sagecom - wifi opt disabledSignal strength Sagecom - wifi opt disabledPowerline 2.4GHz - wifi opt disabledPowerline 2.4GHz - wifi opt disabled

Although powerlines signal strength still looks a bit saw toothed: -


Signal strength Powerlines - wifi opt disabled.Signal strength Powerlines - wifi opt disabled.

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Hi @Neiljd 


Never set them to the same channel as they will interfere with each other. Please recheck all settings now that WiFi Optimisation has been disabled, including setting the bandwidth to 20MHz only.


Your latest screenshots were probably taken before the optimisation was disabled, so please can you get me another set?

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Hey that's great!


Thanks Debbie! 😀

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Hi Neiljd


The WIFI optimisation has now been switched off.







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Hi Keith


Many thanks for your valued advise.


The channel bandwith on both the Sagecom and the TP link Powerline/ extender were set to auto.


I may have tinkered with this as one of the things I tried but I have set these both to 20MHz now.


Should I set both the Sagecom and Powerlines channel to 6? or will they then interfere with each other? Or is it best to set one to say, 6 and the other to say, 11 so if one drops it should hopefully hop to the other?


I have set both to 6 for now and the signal strength does seem to be less of  a saw tooth already!


Signal strenth after changes.png

With them both stacked on the same channel 6.


2.4GHz after changes 2.png


Although I have to say that the smart extension lead I have on the middle floor of our townhouse has already lost all connection, despite it being on the same floor as the main Sagecom router.


I'm not sure what I can do about the routers location unfortunately as this is a 10 year old house and the guy who had it before us used this room as an office and has what I believe is a BTOpenreach Fibre faceplate on the socket which basically nobbles all the other phone sockets in the house so the router will only get a signal from this one socket. All other phone sockets around the house, I believe can get a dial tone but I've tried the router connected to these and cannot connect get a fibre signal through them, which means I can only have the router here in this office/room..


The router is on my desk here and so right near my PC's monitor, base unit and Hive hub , which is also connected via ethernet to the Sagecom. I don't really have a lot of options to move that not unless I put the hub downstairs fed from the Powerlines via ethernet.


The Powerline extender is downstairs behind the smart tv (with fire tv stick attached), Blu-Ray and TalkTalk box. The initial reason for getting it was to feed the TalkTalk box which required ethernet and so again I don't have a lot of options in moving that away from this equipment.


Sorry, I've realised I've made these changes before asking for the wi-fi optimisation to be disabled.  I'm not quite sure how I alert TalkTalk to this but please TalkTalk can you disable this wifi optimisation for me as Keith suggests? and I'll put the changes to channel/ bandwidth back Keith, if they have reset before the optimisation is disabled. 


Thanks again for your help so far. 👍


I will monitor and post back once this has been disabled and I have further screenshots to share.












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Hi Neil,


There is a lot going wrong in your 2.4GHz band, some can be sorted easily, but some may not.


First off, Channel width or bandwidth (depending on the terminology used) must be set to 20MHz only, where your TP-Link is using 40MHz channel bandwidth, this takes up 9 channels and should never be used in this band, 20MHz will give a faster throughput. The same goes in the Sagemcom.


Then the channel numbers used, this will have to be trial & error because it is already over subscribed in your band locally. The golden rule here is that you can only use channels 1, 6 or 11. 


There is another problem when you look at the signal strength, your signal received by the PC should be basically flat, but yours resembles a "saw tooth" wave form. This might be down to the router & Extender's locations & their proximity to other electrical equipment.


Then possibly linked to the above there are quite a few instances where other signals break through yours.


However, before doing anything, I would suggest that you ask TalkTalk to disable their remote diagnostic utility called "WiFi Optimisation" on your router, which I hinted to in an earlier post. This is because it will override any setting in the router & will have no knowledge of your extender. All you have to do is to request that TalkTalk disable this in your reply.


I feel then after getting that disabled & making the changes I suggest, I will probably need a new set of screenshots to work out the latest situation.

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Thanks Keith.


I had disabled both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands on the router and was just working from the wifi from the Powerlines but I have re-enabled both bands for this test and so have not optimised any of the channels as of yet.

2.4 Ghz Powerline signal strength.png2.4 Ghz Powerlines.png2.4 Ghz Sagecom signal strength.png2.4ghz Sagecom.pngIMG_5421 (Medium).JPG

I'm sorry but the wifi adapter in my desktop PC does not pick up the 5GHz band and I use this,  my only desktop from the router via ethernet so this hasn't been an issue but means I don't have any screenshots I'm afraid for the 5GHz band.


I have attached ones for the 2.4GHz band though from both the Sagecom router which is on the desk next to this main PC (less than an arms length away - and from where I am typing this) as well as from the TP link Powerline/extender which is downstairs behind the TalkTalk box in the living room.


I have also attached a photo from tv/ 4K fire tv stick which shows the common buffering issue despite it showing a reasonable connection speed, yet no buffer health nor network activity. All other devices seem to drop out at the same time.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.




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Thanks Mark for your reply.


The Powerlines go directly into the mains sockets, no extension leads involved, the house is also brand new and less than 10 years old.


I have nothing plugged into the TP links apart from ethernet out to my 4k Fire tv stick and my TalkTalk Youview box.


I'm not using the passthrough sockets on the Powerlines so nothing using those either. 👍


Thanks though




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I doubt if it is an incompatibility, but more like WiFi interference or the Sagemcom's use of "Wi-Fi Optimisation". I know you said that you had checked for free channels, but please can you send me the screenshots from Acrylic so as I can check them for you. With each screenshot please highlight your network in the main AP listing at the top for each of the following views:-

  1. 2.4GHz Channels
  2. 5GHz channels
  3. Signal Strength (let this run for about 5mins before taking the screenshot)

Please feel free to PM them to me if you prefer.


Please ensure that the analyser window is maximised before taking the screenshots & upload them via the "Insert Photos" button (in a mobile browser it's the picture icon) on the post editor's toolbar as large images. If they are too small, I will not be able to read them & although I can enlarge them, this just puts the text out of focus.

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