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Sagemcom DNS issues, backup HG633 showing its age

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I've been using the Sagemcom Wi-Fi Hub for a few months with no problems up until about 10 days ago, then it started showing some DNS issues, it wasn't cutting my access completely, but DNS resolution was just getting slower and slower, so it was often taking 5 or 6 seconds after clicking on a link before anything happened, and it was getting to the point where Google Chrome would throw an error saying the page was not accessible before the router would resolve the DNS and load the page.


As I'm aware there is new firmware on the way to fix the DNS issues, I switched back to my old HG633 as I thought I'd just use that until the firmware was released, then reconnect the Sagemcom to get the new firmware and hopefully resolve the DNS issues. Switching back to the HG633 immediately resolved the slow DNS issues.


However since moving back to my HG633 I'm now getting fairly regular (once or twice a day) drops of my connection. I wasn't getting any drops when on the Sagemcom, so it does feel like these drops may well be related to moving back to the HG633.


If there is still no confirmed date for the release of the new Sagemcom firmware do you think it would be worth me trying a replacement Sagemcom ?. I don't think there is any point trying a DG8041W as I've already tried two of them and both of them had the same issue on my line (throughput speed drops from 37mbps to less than 5mbps every 24 hours or so).


I've run a line test, which does detect a problem, but then says the problem is likely with my home setup.




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Hi Skynet_TX


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