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Sagemcom Fast 5364-3 Firmware download?

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Where can I (we) download the (latest) firmwares for TalkTalk routers, specifically the Sagemcom Fast 5364-3?

It appears to me from reading some posts firmware has to be pushed by TalkTalk's OCEs, which frankly I find ridiculously this is the only option, if it is indeed. Not all customers are complete novices. I mean I can go to the Netgear website for example and upgrade or downgrade when I want.

I want to set reserve DCHP/IP addresses, and I've also read that a firmware update is needed. My current firmware is SG4K10001400t. There's an option to turn on / off DCHP Reservation, but no options to add devices.

I am currently using my Netgear D7000v2 and have been without issue for 2 years, I was getting the 25 down/10 up I was paying for. A TalkTalk router was sent due to not getting minimum speeds since changing over from "Faster Broadband" to Fibre 35 (35-40Mbps), although router statistics recognise the line speed of 40 down and 10 up, I am only getting 20-25 down / 8-10 up, but I now suspect the a large reason may be a combination of the router being plugged into the 2nd phone plug rather than the master phone socket, due to better location, and using TP-Link AC1200 Powerline adaptors, although the TP Utility says there's 790Mbps throughput.

I can not leave the TalkTalk Sagemcom router turned on, in the hope it'll update itself, or wait for an OCE to push a firmware update, as I have a network storage attached device that needs to be accessed internally and externally the majority of the time, and especially at night due to a client sending files from Australia, to do that I had to assign the NAS a static address. Downtime needs to be as minimum as possible.


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your router firmware is now updated.





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Yeah, I'll make sure it's turned on between 8am and 9.30am today, Friday 7 May, for you access.


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I'm sorry for the delay. Would it be possible to connect your Sagemcom router and we can update the firmware for you?





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I am not defending anything, I am just telling you how it is. Most routers tend to arrive with out-of-date firmware. Third-party ones usually ask you to update as soon as you can. TalkTalk routers will generally update automatically within 48 hours of connection, have you tried that? Maybe a pinhole reset and leave it connected overnight? 


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I guess I'll wait for an OCE then, given you're defending the closed garden approach!


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If you want your TalkTalk router firmware updated you know what you need to do. I am sure the OCE will try to find a time slot that's suitable. 


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"Security practices" wouldn't stop their "own" routers pinging their own system for a firmware request would it? It's not unreasonable to expect to have an option to manually check for updates!

I have been using my own router, successfully, however TT refuse to troubleshoot any speed issues unless their router is plugged in.

I'm not arguing, I'm merely stating their router firmware accessibility and ability to check for updates needs to be better implemented, or is that unreasonable! The fact that the Sagemcom 5364-3 didn't have DCHP Reservations enabled from day one is a joke, especially when it was an option on their 8+ year old DLink router. From what I've read it appears it was enabled late 2018/early 2019 in an update, that's at least 2 years ago, with the shipped firmware appearing to be 4 years old (the UI states TalkTalk 2017 at the bottom), and the 5364-3 is still being shipped with that old firmware.


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It is standard security practice amongst most major ISPs who supply their own routers. If you wish to do otherwise then feel free to source your own. 


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As I stated, I find this approach ridiculous.

The only realistic option I would have is to arrange a time window when I can plan to take my network offline and turn on the Sagemcom router for an OCE to access it. I mean even the router UI itself doesn't have a button to "check for updates" like every single none ISP router I've used in the past. That would at least give users an option to update firmware without having to mess about wasting time on these forums to request a push, it however does how a manual update option, so if firmwares can't be downloaded, what's the point of that option!

It was bad enough I had to waste hours chatting to 3 online chat reps copying and pasting their scripts over 4 days just to get a router sent out.


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If you cannot leave it on, either to update automatically, or for an OCE to push the update, then there is nothing else you can do I'm afraid. Firmware for TalkTalk routers is not available for public download.