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Sagemcom Modem not connecting and line speed erratic

Tony B
Team Player
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The TalkTalk Sagemcom 5364 router disconnected from the Internet around 3-4am on 25/04/2022 and wouldn't reconnect. It would flash amber for a long period then flash white 5 times then reboot repeatedly. I tried a TalkTalk Huawai DG8041W and that connected to the Internet alright. Unfortunately some Smart WiFi products will not connect to the Huawei and that is why I have to use the Sagemcom router. I reset the Sagemcom and after a long time it eventually connected to the Internet. I switched it off and it refused to reconnect when switched on again, it just kept rebooting as before. I have had to switch back to the Huawei router but it is useless as I can't use Smart products like our air purifier and air quality monitor with it because they won't connect to the Huawei.

The other issue I have had is that I am on Fibre 65 and the Broadband speed is around 70Mb/s most of the time frequently dropping to 24Mb/s. Over the past couple of days it has been mostly 20-30Mb/s. On the evening of the 22/04/2022 it was between 0.75Mb/s and 0.91Mb/s most of the early evening returning to 35.5Mb/s at 20:39pm.The next day it was 35Mb/s. Yesterday it was 73.8Mb/s until 17:30 when it dropped to 7.43Mb/s. This is less than I was getting with ADSL which was a lot more reliable. Currently it is back up to 70Mb/s. Another annoyance is that a couple of times a day the Internet is interrupted for around 8 secs. It is long enough to screw up streaming or downloading. I'm sure it is when the router TR-069 communicates with the TalkTalk ACS server.


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Hi Tony


Apologies for this. I have ordered you a replacement router and a returns bag for your current router.


Please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.






Tony B
Team Player
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I think I need a replacement Sagemcom router. It could be as suggested that an update was done to the router. Maybe it didn't install correctly due to a service interruption. I'm only guessing as the router has been working fine for several years.


Support Team
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How are you getting on? Do you still need assistance with this?





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OK.  Easy to solve.  Looks like Rourer has had it's firmware updated to version 0136.  I had same issue.

Now.  How to solve.  1) with power on  to router press the button in the pin hole on rear of router for min of 15 seconds.  2) When orange light flashes during pinhole reset release the button.  3) Power off router and then back on.  It should then connect ok and not try to constantly auto reboot..

Had same issue myself and released instructions to engineering on how to resolve issue.