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Seems no connection between TalkTalk and Openreach

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Getting very low speeds since 12th April (less than half "guaranteed rate"). Chatted on line and engineer sent the same day (Excellent). My set up all correct but fault identified with Openreach who seem to have put a restriction on my line of maximum 12 Mbps! TalkTalk said fault would be reported. A week later chatted again - all the same questions - but would be reported to Openreach. One week latter - can't chat to TalkTalk and no contact at all from Openreach. Getting very dissatisifed with Openreach and TalkTalk - switched to them get double the speed of my old supplier and now get far worse service. If there is anyone who reads this and actually cares about customer service maybe you could give me an update on when you will meet your contractual commitments!!   


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Hi Sporran1,


I can see you have rebooted your router and the speeds are back up to where they should be. Can you confirm if you are still experiencing speed issues?





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To Lorraine re response to contact regarding Trustpilot review.


I have written a complaint letter setting out the issues I encountered. It's in your system somewhere as I have had two different individuals telephone me to say its being dealt with. On the plus side, after first contact, you sent your own engineer within 24 hours. He said it was an Openreach issue and it would be referred. But the main issues were, during the month when speed was terrible, at each contact the operator had to run line tests etc. when your own engineer's report told you what was wrong,  two different advisors said my original issue had not been referred to Openreach. I contacted Openreach who confirmed they had had no request. Next chat a month after the first chat, after more line tests (again), I asked for a TalkTalk manager and some form of compensation.


The manager said the issue had been referred and Openreach had completed the work, offered £10 (rejected), offered £15 then just disconnected.


Openreach were, I assume, advised at that point. 9am next day Openreach engineer called, 9:25 green box connection reset, 9:45 to 10:15 Openreach at my house checking everything and installing updated socket. He also checked records and said no record of referral /request by TalkTalk and no work had been done.


So referral to Openreach to full resolution - less than 24 hours. 


My main issues apart from nothing happening for getting on for a month despite 3 contact sessions was the final attitude of the manager (I'll not name him here but letter refers)  to give completely different information to anyone else, offer a extremely small amount (I had asked for a refund for the month when service was so poor and reduction until service rectified or £100 to cover my wasted time), to get another poor offer and for the chat just to be terminated.


Yes difficult times but the conclusion with TalkTalk leaves me with very low confidence on customer service.


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Hi Sporran1,


Sorry for the lack of communication regarding your speed issues, we're doing our best in these unprecedented circumstances to get to everyone as quickly as possible.


I can see Openreach have resolved the sync speed issue and this is back up to where it should be however your router hasn't re-synced with these increased speeds. Please can you power off your router for 30 minutes and then switch it back on to run a new speed test? 


This should resolve the issue by forcing a new session but if you're still having problems let us know and we'll look into it further.






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Thanks for the help

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For TT staff to identify your account,  @Sporran1 , you need to complete your community forum profile details. 


Go via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard; save any changes. 


It can take a few days for them to reach new threads. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.