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Setting up non talk-talk router

First Timer
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I'm looking for some help setting up a non talk talk router.


We switched from BT to Talk Talk about 4 months ago.  We are on Talk Talk faster fibre, and no changes we made to the line yet with BT it worked fine, but since installing the Talk Talk router we have constant trouble with internet speed dropping out and have to restart the router 4-5 times per day which sorts the issue for a short while.


As a result, I decided to buy a new router, and see if this helps.


I purchased a TP Link AX3000 (also called an Archer AX50).  I left my TalkTalk router plugged in, and connected the TP Link router from the WAN port on the Talk Talk to the WAN port on the TP link, but I cannot get internet through the TP Link router.


Has anyone got any suggestions, or can advise a better configuration?  All I want is a stable internet connection but I am not too savvy on the network side of things!


Many Thanks


Support Team
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Hi daler


This help page should provide some further information


Set up a non-TalkTalk router





Problem Solver
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what about ethernet cable from one of the normal ethernet ports to ethernet port on new router. And say turn wifi off on TT router just say use new router in bridge-mode so thats the router for wifi only in the house

Whizz Kid
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TT have no specific log in for routers, so just plug the new router into your master socket, it should work fine.