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Severe drop in BB speed- 36 down to 15M - >50 with BT same address.

Whizz Kid
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Until a while ago, can't remember exactly when, I was getting 36 M d/l speed. Maybe coincident with COVID and increased contention, it has dropped to 25/18M depending on the test - see thinkbroadband. The TT line connection status page tells me it is running at a higher speed - not so in actuality.  Yesterday it dropped to about 8M, but router off/on fixed that. OOKLA nowshows 26M

I also have a BT line, coming in on the same drop cable, and that is running at BB d/l at >55M. A bit of a difference!


Can anyone explain why the overall speed has dropped fro 36M - is it overloading the line. 


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Re my last post, minutes ago.

Of course I meant 30+ from 20+, not 2+


Is there a way to edit ones posts?


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Today is Wed 5th Aug, and my  BB speed is up to 32.2 bursting to 33.2 M.  This is the first test I've done for several days, so I don't know when the speed was restored to 30 + instead of 2+.

It almost looks co-incidental with relaxed lockdown!


BTW, I know I have had messages from you (speaking generally) , but I can't see them in this forum thread. The last one said you would need to go up a level to an engineer call. It looks as if that isn't necessary - and as I have repeated, I have no change to my home network.


Thanks for attempted help anyway


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Hi jayesjay,


Your sync speed is above the guaranteed minimum. We generally do advise to try the test socket even if there's no extension wiring, just to rule out any issue with the face plate. The router would need to be connected to the test socket for at least 48 hours to give DLM chance to respond to any improvement and move you to a faster profile






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The master socket is type FFTC, with no connections other than the input from the street drop cable, and the two plugs, for the router and a phone base unit. There are wires into the socket from house extension phone cables, but these are not connected inside the master socket.


So I can't see how just using the test socket with an older microfilter would improve things. I may be wrong, I'm sure you could advise me here.


I do have two lines in the drop cable - I have a BT line with its own master socket. This was  running a week back at ~50M.


Thanks for the good wishes.


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Hi jayesjay,


Sorry to hear you've been in hospital, hope you're feeling better 


Yes, you can connect the telephone and router via a micro filter in the test socket. Which type of socket do you have? - Master socket guide


Just to confirm, you just have the one telephone socket in you home?



Whizz Kid
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I've been in hospital for a few days, dicky heart, and did not have login details handy, so couldn't log on to comment.


My talktalk master socket has a split faceplate and I take the router from the appropriate socket on the front. This is surely as close as one can get to the test socket (if there is one - can't look inside at the moment.)


Would I not lose the phone if I connected the router as you suggest? I don't want to do that for 48 hours.


Maybe you mean that I should put the standard phone/line filter module in the test socket, so I would have both?


On the other hand, I think there are no phone sockets down the line.

I seem to remember there are no wires out of the faceplare filter module - I just have the base unit of  a multi wireless phone unit with several handsets in the phoe socket of the faceplate.


I hope this clarifies the configuration.


Support Team
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Hi jayesjay,


I'm sorry for the delay and I'll take a look now. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault, however I can see that the sync speed has been varying.


Does your master socket have a test socket? If it does then would it be possible to connect the router at the test socket for at least 48hrs so we can see if DLM makes any changes to the sync speed please?