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Slightly slower download speeds but faster upload with Fibre 65

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Hi - just a bit curious with this.  Was on the old faster fibre, consistently got 38Mbps down and 8Mbps up.  The router admin pages generally showed the theoretical max of 40/10. 


I've just come out of contract and gone to Fibre 65.  The speed is a bit lower - the router admin page now shows download of 32.4Mbps. 



Which is still above the guaranteed speed of approx. 26Mbps, so still above that. 


The upload speed has gone up a bit - router admin page showing now 11.4Mbps so its clear the upgrade has had an effect.  I'm just a bit confused why the same router and setup was running for the full previous account term at 40Mbps but now (or certainly in the last month or so) its gone down a bit to 32.4Mbps.  I've done the speedtest with PC connected to the router by ethernet, master socket, filters and the 30min unplug from the mains etc.  


Its a first world problem I know as I read on here that other people are having real trouble with glacial speeds so perhaps I should shut up and be grateful that I do have a fairly decent service.  But I am curious as to why there seems to be a decrease in speed at the router over the last few weeks.   Ofcom broadband checker predicted max. speed is 60Mbps, but I am around 50m from the cabinet, so thats probably not attainable. But a bit of a boost over 40 or back to what it was would be nice.  Has anyone else had this slight slowdown recently?


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Does your main socket have a test socket please? If it does then please can you connect the microfilter, router and phone directly at the test socket for 48hrs to see if DLM makes any changes to the speed.





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Hi Debbie


The router does drop occasionally by itself but it is sporadic.  I did do an unlug for 30 minutes yesterday after reading through the forum to see if that reset the speeds.     Its just odd that its been 40/10 for years with this router, despite the odd self reboot, but now its 32.4/11.4 and has been for a few weeks.


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Hi 523Jeff


I'm sorry to hear this.


I can see re connections on the line and this can affect the sync speed.


Is the connection dropping or has the router been rebooted?







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Delved into the advanced settings and don't know if this is of any use...