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Slow Broadband

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I have Fibre to the pole outside my house but Talk Talk would appear not to be able to afford the equipment in the exchange, so i have to put up with booting circles broadband drop out and all the associated rubbish because i get service with the speed of a striking earthworm.Top marks Talk Talk😬👎


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I'm sorry for the delay. Do you still need assistance with this and we'd be happy to take a look?





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Now I'm told I can get broadband 150, if I want, but no landline, unless I go to another provider for the landline. It's like dangling a carrot just out of reach of a donkey! just part of what you want but not all of it. Most of my friends have landlines, so Whats app etc are no good, plus I would loose my landline number if I went for the broadband option.

The area I live in we struggle to get 4G on our mobiles, some times it can take over an hour to receive a text and to send one I have to stand in the bedroom window with one arm and the opposite leg in the air. How driverless cars and all that rubbish will work in country areas heaven only knows. 

If you live in London or a city you might be OK, but sod the rest of us.



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@chuckmick u would need to see talktalk as talktalk like other isp have to get there kit to the area for it which can take a while do not know why but bt optec own the middle stuff from ur master socket to the exchange 


u cna always try and get help or a answer on the help side


are u getting the speed range as ifd u are out of ur argreed speed range then u can leave for free 


why not see what a oce can see and do if any help just post in ur own topic in the broadband side here Help with your TalkTalk service - TalkTalk Community

Hope that help Regards Joe
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