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Slow broadband/Leaving TalkTalk?

Whizz Kid
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I'm currently on Fibre65 which has a minimum guaranteed download speed of 67mbps. My minimum guaranteed download speed is only 42mbps with an estimated speed range of 42 - 52mbps.

I'm not sure why TalkTalk allowed me to sign up for Fibre65 when they can't even give me the advertised minimum guaranteed download speed. My download speed currently is only 32mbps as stated by the router management online settings. My line is capable of a maximum download speed of 76.9mbps, so I'd expect slightly faster speeds!

I was previously on Faster Fibre with speed boost and receiving much faster speeds - I can't remember exactly what speeds I was getting, but I know my line can handle faster speeds. I don't have frequent disconnections - not that I've noticed - but maybe, for some reason, DLM is restricting my speed?

A chat advisor gave me a rather long winded explanation why speeds can vary, but couldn't - or wouldn't - explain why TT let me sign up for a package when they can't offer me the advertised minimum guaranteed download speed. An engineer visit has been booked - a Brightsparks engineer I think!! I would have preferred an Openreach engineer!!!

Would the fact that TalkTalk let me sign up for Fibre65 when they can't give me the advertised minimum guaranteed download speed let me leave without penalty? Why didn't they recommend the Fibre35 package?

I'd rather not leave TalkTalk - partly due to the fact switching providers may be a hassle - but I do expect to receive the advertised speeds I'm paying for. If they can't fix the speed issues would they let me switch to Fibre35? I assume it's cheaper than Fibre65?

Could it be a router issue? I have the Sagemcom Fast router and I've had it for about two years I think. I've still got my old Huawei router but I've had that for about 6 years so probably wouldn't be worth trying that?

I'm a drummer in a very well known band, I'm also a world class racing driver and crazy golf world champion 7 years in a row.

Support Team
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Would it be possible to continue with your previous topic please, this is just so we have all the information in one place.




Community Star
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@WaRRioR1976 I can see you have posted about this numerous times before, most recently here:


As and when the support team respond to this topic can you perhaps stick to it, rather than opening other ones, which only leads to confusion and ultimately a poorer experience for yourself. 

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@WaRRioR1976 ,

Fibre65 is just the new name for the Faster Fibre with speed boost package, so if you are saying that you renewed your contract from the Faster Fibre with speed boost onto the new Fibre65, there should have been no change in speed.


As @martswain  says, 67 is just marketing jargon. You have posted the actual guaranteed minimum and predicted range TalkTalk gave you at time of agreeing the contract. Fibre35 download speed is capped at 40Mbps so if your predicted range is potentially higher than that they will allow you to sign up for Fibre65. If you are not getting the guaranteed minimum they gave you then that is the issue which needs to be investigated.


Have you checked the DSL stats in the router, in particular the SNR margins to see if anything indicates that the DLM may have taken some action?

It wouldn't do any harm to try a different router if you have one to see if it makes a difference, assuming it is VDSL capable? What model router is it? I'm actually surprised that customer services didn't ask you if you had a spare to try or offer to send you a new one to test. I'm assuming they did a line check which didn't show any fault? otherwise I would have expected them to book an Openreach engineer.



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@WaRRioR1976 , firstly forget the number 67, that is just the average speed for all customers on the Fibre 65 product and is for marketing purposes only, it is in no way a guarantee.


Fibre 65 can give speeds of 80 down, 20 up, however what your line is capable of depends mostly on the distance to the cabinet, that is why EVERYONE gets an individual estimate.


If TT/Openreach cannot get your line to its MGALS then you can leave without penalty or negotiate a change to Fibre 35.