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Slow broadband/broadband offline

Whizz Kid
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Hi. I'm still having problems with my broadband. My router is recording speeds of about 35mbps download. Minimum "guaranteed" download speed  is about 52mbps. This is an on going issue- about 18 months. Why aren't TT doing anything about this? Why am I still expected to pay for speeds I'm not  receiving? I'm beyond fed up with this and want this sorted asap. Also, my broadband is currently offline, but TT service status says no reported problems. I can't put up with this substandard service any more. If TT can't resolve this, I either want to leave without penalty, or receive rebates on my bill. I'm paying extra for Faster Fibre with "Speed Boost". Please can somebody look into this asap and get it sorted, because, honestly I'm getting fed up of chasing TT and nothing being done. Oh, I've just had a text from TT saying they've completed a line check and everything looks fine, but I should ch eck my home set up!! I'm literally shaking my head and rolling my eyes right now. 

I'm a drummer in a very well known band, I'm also a world class racing driver and crazy golf world champion 7 years in a row.

Community Star
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Hi @WaRRioR1976 how did your previous work with @Karl-TalkTalk go?

He sent you a personal message? 

He is a real very helpful 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.