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Slow broadband too many devices

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I live in a gaming 4K Alexa device home.

my broadband with Talk Talk have been appalling. Not once was I told that my broadband (which I thought was the fastest) had a device limit.


First of all I called on 16th August 2021 to have the broadband installed at a new address with a “live” date of 6th September 2021. 
the order wasn’t processed.

Had to wait until 17th September 2021 for it to go “live”

Now forgive me but I thought you had 20 days FROM live date in which to cancel if not happy.

I regularly run speed tests and not once was it above 30

called talk talk who told me to wait for it to stabilise.

continued to run speed tests with constant issues. Called TalkTalk who told me to wait 30 days to cancel while they would credit my account. So I was told to call back on the 18th October to cancel.

called the following day after speed test run at 17!

1hr 37 mins later I’m told it’s because I have too many devices and I’m out of the 20 day cooling off period (I was told to wait!!) so I would have to pay £168 to leave!


result - I am furious and tied to a company I dislike after nothing but problems from the 16th August! 

I am a disabled parent of 2 kids who are complaining about the Internet being too slow and I cannot afford £168 to cancel! 

With households running as they do nowadays I think TALKTALK should make it clear that the best broadband they do in my area is not good enough and not tell you a different story each time you call which then results in being told you have to pay to leave!


I’m disgusted and appalled at the way I was spoken too and the service. Stop holding people to ransom and advance with the times! How many people nowadays only have 5 devices!!!


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Great thank you 


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i'll drop you a PM to confirm the details required to allow us to progress to an engineer.





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Hi yes please definitely. I’ve just run another speed test which was 4!! There’s definitely problems somewhere that’s above my capabilities. 


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Ok thanks. As your speed is low we can arrange an engineer visit to investigate. If you'd like us to do this please let us know and we'll confirm some details



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I understand but my landline phone must have been damaged during my move (it’s cordless) so I can get a dial tone but then it’s automatically out of charge. I can’t replace that at present. 


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I can confirm there is a dial tone with no interference on the line 


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I can’t test the phone because I don’t currently have one that works. My previous one won’t hold a charge. I am getting a dial tone but then the phone goes dead. I’m not in a position to replace this at present. 


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Hi klm1702,


How are you getting on, have you managed to test the telephone at the test socket?



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@klm1702 You only need to remove the faceplate from the master socket and connect a phone to the test socket to see if there is a dialtone and/or any noise on the line. Once you have done that you can replace the faceplate and reconnect the router. This will only temporarily disconnect your other devices for as long as that takes, there is nothing else we are asking of you at this stage. 

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@klm1702 please get it out of your head that there is a device limit.


The limiting factor is the available incoming bandwidth, which unless there is a fault, does not seem to be sufficient for you and your family.


If your speed is below your guaranteed, you will have to give TT a chance to rectify that.


If they cannot do so within 30 days you can leave without penalty.


However, if they can improve the connection to your MGALS then your choices would be to leave TT, paying the ETC or if Future Fibre from TT is available to you, negotiating with the loyalty team to get that installed.



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My ex partner is in IT and he ran a speed test connected to the router - it was 30.

He said it’s too difficult to disconnect each device and messy. The Alexa devices automatically connected here when I plugged them in. 
im just tired of this now. If I was an 86 yr old lady with no technical experience at all there is no way she would be asked to do these things.

it doesn’t work for what I need. That’s the end result. I’m a single parent with 2 teenage kids, I suffer chronic pain. 
I suffer depression and anxiety and this is making me very anxious as it’s a problem I really don’t need and don’t have endless hours to resolve.


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I realise this is frustrating and the process of diagnostics can be tiresome, but it really will help to know whether there is an issue on the voice side as this will affect your broadband also. If you can test with a handset directly connected at the test socket and report back that will inform the support team as to how best to progress this.  The fact that your sync speed is less than the guaranteed minimum means there is clearly something amiss, it is really a question of finding out what and where and then hopefully an appropriate engineer can be sent to resolve it.  

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Yes I do understand that but given the problems from that very first phone call to book this on 16th August it’s been one thing after another. 
I am not technical so I had no idea there was a device max. That should be more commonly advertised. Also I don’t control things automatically connecting when in my home. 
I called to cancel within 20 days, told to wait for it to stabilise and call back in a month so avoid being charged penalties.  But as it happened I could not wait a month as the connection was so slow and now I’m told I can’t cancel.

I find this whole episode disappointing and I’m angry that I am now being told if I cancel I have to pay £168 when I originally called within the cancellation period. 
I have been mis-led and I’ve wasted hours on calls trying to get this sorted.

I suffer chronic pain and I’m disabled. I just want faster broadband and fibre from the hub clearly isn’t fast enough so I want to get fibre to my home which I do have access to.


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But what about the fact I did report this within the 20 days yet I was told to wait for it to stabilise? Now I can’t cancel and get broadband that is faster for all my devices. I find this whole thing unfair. 
I used your service at my previous property with no problems but this property it just does not work.

I mean I missed my sons parents evening because the Mac kept losing its connection to a video call.


My ex partner who works in IT has said that it’s far too difficult and complicated to remove every device then try again. 
most are in the back ground but my kids do use for games consoles / homework and that really messes my ability to even send an email.


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It's mainly to help diagnose the problem, @klm1702, that staff ask whether the phone service is also affected. 


Please check back after the weekend. There's no staff support, unfortunately, before Monday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I don’t know about the phone. My landline phone isn’t charging so I can’t use it. I’m only getting the dial tone then it cuts off so I have to purchase a new phone.

The phone isn’t a priority as I use my mobile for all calls.


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Hi yes I do regarding the socket description. 
unfortunately my phone doesn’t work (the physical phone) but there is a ring tone.


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Are you experiencing any problems with your telephone service, any noise on the line?



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I just ran another speed test - and it was 31.

my kids are at school and I have no electronic devices in use other than my phone for here, no streaming, gaming, etc. 
That suggests I can get the minimum speed provided I don’t have anything in use.