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Slow fibre internet. Speedtest site shows 10% of advertised 35Mbit/sec

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  Fibre broadband (from July 3 2020).


  Had a problem with the TalkTalk supplied SuperRouter repeatedly rebooting over a 20 minute window and then disconnected (red lights) for a 20 minute period. At the same time and since then the landline has phone stopped dialling out but seems to accept incoming calls. We assumed the phone was failing and interfering with the router so we switched off and unplugged the phone. We have not had seen any internet connection issues and the router seemed ok until last night when we had intermittent internet connection for a 30 minute window.


    This evening we encountered very slow internet speeds and running online tests through found the recorded download speeds have dropped to approximately 10% of the advertised value for our contract of 35Mbit/sec. The tests were undertaken using a laptop connected via wifi, mobile phone using wifi and a Raspberry Pi hardwired into the router.  The recorded speeds today match the issues we had on 'normal' broadband before we upgraded to fibre.


  I would like TalkTalk support to run a line test and correct any issues encountered.



Untested backup = wishful thinking

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Hi Guy,


I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing problems with your service. Line test is clear and sync speed is 39.9Mbps but I can see that there were a lot of reconnections on the 6th and a couple yesterday 


How has it been over the last 24 hours, any improvement?